river day

yesterday a big group of us hiked down to the cosumnes river
at buck's bar on the way out to somerset.

mikie set up this group shot with his camera and had to swim over to us in ten seconds!

here we are, left to right: martin, dan trudeau, zack and rebecca, darin and me, joey and emily, stan and lesley, and mikie! nick savino also arrived a few minutes after this and then on our way back up we met addie and art on the trail, finally on their way to meet us but a little (waaayyy)too late.my favorites are always the polaroids. here's me, em, and lesley:mikie and rebecca doing yoga on the rock:this one i took on accident. i was going to set up the timer and do the group shot with the polaroid but then instead of closing it i took a picture(and it was my last one)!
oh well...kind of a cool shot of darin and the rock tip: since we didn't have any children with us (sylvan) for a change we were able to go to some spots that are a little more difficult to reach. we did have to scale some rocks and slide through some steep narrow canyons but it felt like adventure so we were cheerful about it and it landed us at the waterfall spot where the guys jumped off rocks.

here's my honey having a grand ol time: i like the sequence of these pictures of him:

fofe, about to jump in: mikie....LEAD ON BROTHER!
dan tru, swimming exuberantly:

Zack likes to hang out with the girls!STAN and LES photo essay:

happy to be here.
this water is pure bliss
sun worship takes place here:

yoga classes take place HERE:mermaids:
Strong Men:
and finally, the group shot where Migsy doesn't quite make it!


bandini said…
these almost make it look like we had TOO good of a time. but we did. so its not fiction.
Amy Beatty said…
That looked like so much fun. We are desperately waiting for our sun to return. Love, love love all the photos. I miss you guys!!! On a side note: each and everyone one of you are HOT!!!
jasmine said…
oh my gosh! that looks like SO much fun! i wanna goooo!

those polaroids are adorable, and that group shot is terrific. you should frame it! isn't summer wonderful??
AdieSpringB said…
I remember meeting you guys after this

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