Bandini is still missing.

We have scoured the neighborhood, putting up posters and giving out color flyers with pictures of him and our phone number.

Everyone around here is being really nice and trying to be helpful, but still no sign of him. A lot of neighbors claim to have seen a smallish orange kitty (sometimes they say orange and white) and a few different people have reported he has a hurt cheek.

But we have not glimpsed him and he does not answer our calls.

The interesting thing about all this is we have walked the streets of our neighborhood repeatedly and have gotten to know it fairly intricately. There are no straight lines around here, the streets curve and continue and weave through the hills, and a stone's throw away is a different neighborhood. There are little apartment buildings tucked at the end of hidden roads, and houses with big decks where lots of cats eat for free, and abandoned homes with unlocked doors and unfinished projects.

It's kind of haunting, and we love how there are all sorts of nooks and crannies: lots of big backyards, creeks flowing through, giant trees, blackberry bushes and other shrubbery, hills and ivy and terraces and pine trees and manzanita. It is a cat's playground.

We start to get the feeling that at night the neighborhood comes alive like a Miyazaki film, with cats strange and wonderful parading through the streets and yards.

There are hundreds of cats in our near vicinity, but so far none of them are Banj.

So that's my update. Last night we had a poker night at our house but Em and I couldn't really get into it, although we tried.


Amy Beatty said…
I feel bad you are all left with broken hearts, but I really think thats banj style. I know he is out there livin it up, Carrying all the love you guys gave him in his heart. He is a happy cat.
thanks amy, i think that's probably true. that is exactly what rebecca told us last night, and it is kinda darin's thoughts too. WE JUST MISS HIM TERRIBLY! and he is usually such a snuggler, he has to snuggle and nuzzle a lot on our faces a few times a day. he likes to be picked up and carried everywhere. anyway i hope he'll come back to us at some point. we're going down to look on the dirt alley street again.
Hoodoo Voodoo said…
I like to think that Banj is roaming the streets, seeing his picture up everywhere and loving every second of it, feeling like a fugitive. He might just be having the time of his life. And I wish I could think that all the time. But when I think of him without his cuddle time and possibly having a cut open cheek, I cant bear it. As ive said, the hardest part of it all is that I am missing him grow. I am not there to notice new habits he's picked up or different colors that are standing out in his coat. It sounds so silly, but these are the things I just can NOT shut off in my heart. PLEASE, BANDINI, COME HOME TO ME AND YOUR AUNTY HEATHER! WE NEED YOUR LONG LITTLE RED FACE!
(in all honesty, I do not know how much longer I can stand this). Im just glad I have you, Heather. You know exactly what Im feeling and between our two hearts, its impossible that he is not feeling our longing.
mooncowboy said…
Such sad sad status updates. But I'm definitely with Amy. I always got the feeling he was a rambler, a wanderer. He's out there wandering right now, and he'll probably wander his way back to 905 Darlington one of these soon days.

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