sooooo....here's my life right now.

darin is totally in love with camilla (the kitten). and she had to be spayed today and get shots. poor baby, but she's doing fine.

here they are, most cozy.

we're on a diet. i'll go ahead and REFRAIN from any visual aid to illustrate. we're just trying to be healthier, that's all.

i am working on drawing a map of our neighborhood but it feels much more magical to walk it. i want to make a map of my dreamlands.

i constantly wonder this:
what should i do with a Masters in literature?

i made a june playlist which i am totally in love with. it's jolly and lovely. there's this song called "singing to the earth" by apollo sunshine that is so perfect for my days. wish i knew a way to share it here.

we're going to our favorite JUNE river spot (this changes depending on the time of summer): buck's bar on wednesday with a nice group of friends. come join us!

sat on the patio tonight at gringo's under colored lights and drank a beer with my lovely ones.

pops even came and we got real dorky and had a couple laugh attacks and some dorky photo sessions.

oh and by the way, bandini is not home yet but we've heard of sightings and we've done a lot of wild goose chasing. we haven't actually seen the little rogue ourselves yet and all we can do is hope.


Amy Beatty said…
Your summer sounds nice and fresh, enjoying this beautiful world and all the extras like a cozy kitty and best friends. And by the way you are not on a diet. Those only work as all as you stick to them. So just make a lifestyle change to always walk around your green streets with less treats. You are beautiful!! Wish I could go to the river with you. Maybe on the 4th of July!!
yeah that's probably a good way to look at it since i'm for sure not going to be on a "diet" forever! and it's true, emily and i have decided that if we walked all down and up the streets of our neighborhood every day we'd be in great shape. that and my new yoga dvd! and this is the one that my mom thinks is EASY...i'm sore from it! can you believe momma is addicted to yoga?! woo hoo!

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