cinema caldera

stanny's back! so summer is TOTALLY HERE!
first order of business: start our production company. stan and darin will be making video/film productions for anyone who needs it for events, promotion, or creative endeavors. their company (actually our company, since i am one of the founding associates!) is called Cinema Caldera and the website will soon be up and running! maybe now. we are so excited about this venture.
here is stanny, one of my best friends on this gorgeous green earth, fresh out of film school and ready to rock and roll in his business shirt, taking notes in the backyard. getting ideas, getting inspired, making lists and notes, and making connections!

thursday nights are open mic down at cozmic. we walked down to enjoy the fresh warm summer eve and hung out with some old and new friends and drink some way-too-strong Strong Blondes. here is darin with a new friend, grayson earl, who coincidentally also just graduated from film school at UC, darin and RICHARD our amazing Ghanaian friend who brightens this town and our lives every time we meet.
Stan and Joey down at the river. These two are rock-skipping champs. seriously. and when they get together, well...the rocks fly and the competition soars.
here is stan's rock skipping, oh, about twelve to thirteen times across the river.
you aint never seen rock skipping like these good old boys.


AdieSpringB said…
nostalgia... this lovely summer. Post havasu pre pollock pines for me. I miss Stanley...

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