buncha crazies at the county fair

Year after year, the El Dorado County Fair never changes much. Cheesy pop singers, plastic cups of Bud Light, Aerosmith on the gravitron, the rattly old Zipper, roasted ears of corn, weird wizard fortune telling machines, corn dogs, cotton candy, frothy lemonade, goats, cows, hay, hypnotists, Wranglers, bubbles in the air, the slight smell of puke everywhere, mixed with chewing gum, coca cola, cigarettes and farm animals. You gotta love it.

Darin, Joey, Emma and I in the photo booth, 11:30 pm. And our new end-of-the-night friend, the photo booth guy Chris. He showed us his own pictures for an example and this was his "bad ass" exhibit. He says you gotta be a bad ass in life. But he was really a total softie and only 18 years old, working 9 months in a row to help take care of his baby nephew. We talked to him for a long time and then I asked for his pictures and he gladly gave them to me!
Britney and Ronen having ice cream. She had to hold it for him because he broke his thumb earlier in the day mountain biking, poor Ronen! Couldn't let that keep him from the county fair!Joey and Em in front of the ferris wheel, my favorite. Classic.
Darin in the goat pen, our faves.

A kid named William from Brandywine Farms let me hold this baby goat. These are Nigerian Dwarf Goats, the kind I want to own one day. They give a lot of milk and love to eat blackberry brambles. Not to mention they're impossibly to-die-for cute and they make me swoon.

more Nigerian Dwarf Goats

and here's William, the little expert. This kid was a fountain of knowledge. That's the best thing about the fair: you get to meet people who are shining at doing something they love to do.


Amy Beatty said…
You described the fair perfectly. There is a little hint of puke in the air. Love the cute photos and all the friendly people you got to meet and talk to. William sure was a little cutie. We went to a farm yesterday and just fell in love with all the animals. I need one BIG yard ASAP. We can never give up on our dreams!! yesterday we even got to make home made butter and ice cream!!!! Another reason I need a farm. Life tastes much richer! Hey, Bonny and Wendy were there today. Did you by chance run into those cuties? Love you xoxo
Marya said…
i love the fortune-telling wizard guy. and the goats who have fancy outfits.
yeah, i actually videotaped that fortune teller wizard guy. i wanted to make a little fair movie but all the amazing sights are so distracting!

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