Vaudevilian Carnival

em and i had such fun with our vaudeville style photo shoot yesterday.
this adorable vintage bathing suit created a carnivalesque/circussy 20s vibe and we went with it.
i'm jealous; em looks HOT in red lipstick.

she modeled a few other amazing pieces as well.
look for them in my SHOP tonight!
it was extra fun because we made up little stories and dramatic scenes to go with the clothes.
em is such a good sport and i am so lucky to have such a gorgeous model!


Anonymous said…
Oh wow, that striped suit is just adorable! Looks like a fun little photo shoot too!
sooo cute! and yay for red lipstick!
Tess said…
I looove these! They're really beautiful.
Violet Folklore said…
O M G that bathing suit!!!!!
Kelsie Lynn said…
love this shoot. gorgeous.
Missa said…
Um, cutest model ever, and that suit is some seriously good stuff!

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