my treasures in a treasury!!!

i got included in a beautiful etsy treasury! it's called "sweet summer" and Anna Carina Vintage put it together; it features lovely watery shades of ocean blues and creekside greens. i an enchanted with the feel of it and i am honored to be included!

i don't know how to show you the whole treasury at once, but here are some of its lovelies:

and my own photo of beautiful ryann that was showcased:

needless to say, i'm beyond excited because honestly, sometimes i feel like i just barely even know what i'm doing here...i just started an etsy shop on a whim and the blind faith that lots of people need the pretty vintage clothes i've been collecting over the years...and now i've fallen in love with the whole process of finding, photographing, styling, and ultimately hopefully selling vintage clothes. but the whole marketing/web design/promotion/advertising part....well i just draw a pretty big blank.

so any little love that comes my way brightens my entire world!

i am also so proud to share the treasury with one of my favorite etsy sellers and friend of mine, sasha of astral boutique. back when she and amber ran violet folklore together, i became inspired to start selling my own vintage stuff.
and thus my journey started!


ZombieLace said…
I didn't know you knew Sasha and Amber! I only know them from being fans of their shop/blog but that's such a coincidence! What is a treasury anyway? I got included in one recently too and was super flattered, but just not really sure what it means. Lovely dress!

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