Where the Wild Things Are

Halloween was a WILD RUMPUS this year.
And yet another reminder that we will never grow up.

First off, I woke up at 5 a.m. and got all dressed up (in the bitter cold and dark, mind you) in this crazy Raggedy costume. It was really weird serving coffee to mellow lonely old men at 6 a.m. in this outfit.
Here I am with my work friends, Dena, Elisa, Dr. DJ, me and Kelsey.I decided that costumes are both the best and the worst thing about Halloween. One, cause they're AWESOME and two, cause it really sucks to wear one all day.
I had planned on being Raggedy Ann all day. Realized after an 8 hour waitressing shift that keeping those sweaty tights on was just not going to fly.
So I threw together a Spanish Dancer costume. Darin got gussied up as a dirty sheriff with blood on his hands. I liked to say we are John Grady Cole and his Mexican prostitute Josephina from Cormac McCarthy's Cities On the Plains.So our dear friend Mallory had a beautiful dinner party planned out that she hosted at our house. She had planned all sorts of lovely little details like figs in a spooky goblet and four different gourmet cheeses on a decorative spiderweb tray. Obviously, we were kind of trying for an ACTUAL grown-up dinner party with a sit down meal. I realized that just does not happen at my house. As more and more people arrived in their crazy costumes with beer in hand, it turned into more of a party party.
Here we are with the original set up, trying to pretend to be sophisticated grown ups.
That's our hostess Mallory, the lovely ghoul girl on the right.
Mallory preps her canneloni, which ended up having to get served on little paper plates and set out for hungry guests to pick up. Not quite the formal dinner we had in mind...Joey as Dwight Schrute with Akira, our Japanese friend who made the most wonderful custard pudding for dessert, eat (standing up of course) in the kitchen.I mean how can you be grown up when you have hooligans like this hanging around?
(Stan as an 80s drug lord, Em as a pretty peacock)Oh, and this guy?!!
(Grayson Earle as an unemployed college grad, hits a little close to home for all of us!)Sylvan came as the most dashing little Indiana Jones. He was so proud of his new Indy coat and hat, and his mom made him a whip (his favorite part)Two of the undead, Zack and Adam as vampirous zombies? The veil is thin my friends...Emily shows off her plumes:We all about died when Martin showed up as a lumberjack with his beautiful Nadya as a bellydancer. See what I mean, costumes obviously ROCK. The drug lord hamming it up with his sweet little country settler gal:The vampire STRIKES!Should an undead bride still be so beautiful? Chattin it up with my favorite hero:Addie came in her infamous skeleton costume. She'd done a wicked job with the face paint, I mean check that out. She was the only semi-unrecognizable one. Now that's a costume.Momma poses with four of her kids. We missed you Matt, Amy and babes!Next we headed off to the REAL PARTY! Our cutie friends Jorden and Becky host their annual Halloween Dance Extravaganza. And let me tell you, it was off the hook.
Dwight GETS DOWN!The dancing continued far into the night.And Akira donned his spiffy MJ outfit. I mean c'mon. Who pulls this off so perfectly!?Getting unruly now.
Brothers bond on the dance floor.
Happy Halloween!
The spirits are still around for the next few days. Dia de los Muertos and the passing of light time into dark time and a full moon on the rise. May all your hauntings be wild!


boots said…
great costumes! hottest prostitute ever!!!
Amy Beatty said…
Heather!! You look so super BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for taking pictures of everyone. I love it all.
Kelsie Lynn said…

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