I love being a girl. I'm just gonna say it. I really really love it and I just plain feel sorry for boys.
(above is my sister-in-law Amy being the cutest mama-girl in the whole wide world!)
Best of all, out of all the sweet little perks of being a girl like being able to say "cute" a lot and die over anything with ruffles and cry during sappy movies and baby talk your cats, well better than all of that is having SISTERS! (and sisters-in-law which is terrible terminology for a lovely thing.)
Because with sisters, you can get the most goofy, go the most crazy, talk for the most hours, have the most giggly laugh attacks, tell the secretest secrets and still, somehow, be loved unconditionally.
I had such fun with the girls last week.
Girlylove makes everything fun; activities as simple as having morning coffee:

going to the movies: (yes, we saw Love Happens ((what is WITH that name? boringstown!) at the dollar movies and yes, we cried and i promise i'm not even really a cryer)taking a walk in the snow, me and beautiful Em:and best of all, clearance-racks shopping sprees! We got SO RIDICULOUS about our dress-fest. Here we are rolling in the new treasurestrying all the lovely stuff on:
indulging in our rampant TIGHTS FETISH!and feeling only slightly guilty:
Here's to girls in training (Bella! the wildly wonderful) for a future of fabulous fun ladies being creative and spunky and living out every possible wondrous dream!


Amy Beatty said… I love all your blogs. So looking forward to some more girlie madness. Love you xoxo
AmyK said…
What a superfun post. Sisters really are the best! I've got one full sister, two half sisters, and one stepsister and they're all so much fun!
AdieSpringB said…
Whilst you girls were getting all the dresses together I would have been focusing on that TIGHTS FETISH!!! I wish i could have hung out with you pretty ladies. But also, probably I would only have bought socks and tights. I can't get enough of the dang things. ANd to top it all off, every year "they" keep making radder and radder tights!

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