riding in the sky

Darin and I went on a pretty little bike ride for his birthday yesterday afternoon.

We had a nice dusky ride together on the new part of our town's bike trail which extends out through the canyon, over the creek on the old railroad trestle which is now a a high wooden bridge.

riding out over the bridge you can see people's houes on the banks below, with chimney smoke and woodsheds and swingsets. It makes you feel like you are flying on your bike. Which reminds me of a rad little dream sequence from Flight of the Conchords that is super amazing.
The view from above.
This is old news for Darin, but for me actually RIDING my bike is a major accomplishment. I got my poor bicycle tuned up this summer and then never really rode it. Well this inspired me and I'm ready to start again. And I think my bottom will thank me.
Also, it makes me appreciate my town for having this beautiful trail ready and waiting all the time for us to come out and enjoy the beauty of the Sierra foothills.
But, on a related note, is it somewhat telling that the trail starts at the JAIL and ends at WALMART?! That's redneck country, folks.
Well needless to say we had a lovely day and ended it with yummy pizza (jalapenos, pineapple, tomato, onion, wow) at Brick Oven Pub and then home for a few episodes of FOTC (in case you couldn't tell, we're currently re-obssessed).


Amy Beatty said…
That trail looks so nice. I'm glad you guys got out and about. Flying on bikes reminds me of ET. Do you remember that movie? Thats weird that it ends at walmart, a place we all avoid. maybe they will add to it again and it could end somewhere you actually want to go- outdoors that is!!! Some beautiful meadow or river spot. I love you guys xo
boots said…
wow what a great day, you know i love bikes so i am very very proud of you for gettin to the ridin. :)
very cute earrings as well!!!
boots said…
FYI - there are some great tights on sale at urbanoutfitters.com for $7.00!!! thats where i got those. DEALS!
and can i have your email or something, your wicked cool (don't ask me how i know that through a computer)
Milla said…
Hahaha! Love redneck country!

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