Painting a Dreamworld set to Music

have you ever heard of painting a FLOOR?

cause that's what i did. (well, walls too)

we have this gross old linoleum floor in the big room (i like to call it the "rec room" in honor of old fashioned basement playrooms where preteens had awkward spin-the-bottle parties) that we are having our dance party in on my birthday this friday. also, it's soon going to be our bedroom as my momma is moving in with us and taking the master bedroom. so yippee, after so long of the rec room=gross room, we are finally going to make it uniquely OUR OWN and snazzy!

so in addition to WAITRESSING all weekend, i also spent a pretty solid chunk of time doing another of my very favorite activities, painting.

okay, not really my favorite. BUT, it really does produce a good sense of accomplishment. And secretly, as you might remember from last year, i sort of love it. because in all honesty the thrill of changing up my house overwhelms my urge for lazybones.

so now we've got a big bright turquoise room with dark brown painted floor. so that i can drift further into my dreamworld in which i dwell in a tropical cottage with the aquamarine sea whispering outside my open window, a typewriter on my table, a headfull of wild ocean mermaid hair and in my hand, a pina colada made with fresh coconut water.

also, i listened strictly to bob dylan and neil young albums during the whole procedure. rekindled those flames if you will. painting is rhythmic and oddly mind-freeing, a good time to really take a good listen to old albums. so here are the ones i spaced out to:

bob dylan: greatest hits vol. 2
bob dylan: desire
bob dylan: blood on the tracks
bob dylan: love and theft
bob dylan: time out of mind

neil young: harvest

neil young: after the gold rush

neil young: harvest moon

yeah, and in that order. seriously that much dylan and that much neil young in the space of two days. and it was perfect, the perfect soundtrack to painting and daydreaming.

doesn't it feel good to get stuff done?!


Amy Beatty said…
I can't wait to see it. so far that dark brown looks so awesome. I need to move just so I can paint some thing. I'm so jealous. I can't wait to see the finished dream room. Love that you brought the turquoise back. Heard Momma was taking it out of the back room. I just can't wait till christmas. You and nana are a dynamic duo!!!!

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