Much Madness is divinest Sense--

I just have to say...our dance party was off the hizook. Adam stretches out, pre-dancefest: ma and pa bought me a cake! a little later, this thing got DESTROYED.happy birthday girl and hub:girlies! oh how i love them.eager partyers tripping on in!i like the fuzzy ones: but it's kinda fun to see the real action!
oh glorious dance parties. big shout out to our own dj: DDJXAQ4000. you rule dude.


Amy Beatty said…
I neeeeeeeeeeed more!!! LOVE LOVE LVOE VLOEVLEOVLELELOVE the new room.. so awesome!!! You all looked hot to trot.
Kelsie Lynn said…
I think its your sister? -with the long dark hair (well that narrows it ha)..anyway- i think she looks a bit like ingrid michaelson. a little..

and im totally creepin on your blog. its fun!

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