"And as for me, I know nothing more but miracles"

Ah Walt Whitman! Your brilliance knows no bounds.

Tonight I am thinking about gratitude and how it enriches every best moment of life. To be present and thankful, truly consciously GRATEFUL for all the good stuff, fills your heart with something akin to truth or god, something beautiful.
I think it might be the most important feeling, like constant prayer, like benediction all the time, for everything. It is something to strive for. I suspect it brings peace.

So I am thinking about the many many things I'm grateful for, and the list never ends. But here are a few undoubtably vital ones:
my pops. way too good to me:

marmy, pure light:

Darin, you amazing husband, oh YOU:

sweet siblings, all, and this whole great radiant family o' mine!

and these ravishing and rollicking friends o' mine:

My quaint, pretty town:

Stormy, sick but hanging in there, and all my sweet crazy cats:

Laundry on the line, mmmmm:

these amazing mountains i live in, and of course a sister to share it with!BOOKS! studying, brain-power, IMAGINATION!ROAD TRIPS, especially good long ones in the belly of Isis:and a beautiful backyard in a place i call home in a land i love:


shall become my new refrain...keeping Whitman the bard singing in my soul.


AdieSpringB said…
I love this one. I too have been thinking how dang lucky I am. And I even completely forgot it twas that time of year again to be such! Our family is truly amazing. I had a bad dream the other night that our family was different, they were the same people but everyone was mean and miserable....I was never so grateful to awake and return to my beauteous and amazing life. Seriously, I think our family is the best thing in the whole world. We are so lucky, it makes me KNOW beyond the old bones of any doubt, that there is some kind of god that likes us alot just for being who we are. I am so thankful to that god...for the shine in my heart, and so grateful to our family to keep that glow going.
Amy Beatty said…
You do have so much to be thankful for. I loved all the pictures you picked. You look so great in that dress, in that picture with you and your mom. You should be thankful you look great in your favorite color. Can't wait to be able to share Christmas with you all in that beautiful town with my beautiful family. Happy Thanks giving Heather xoxo
Kelsie Lynn said…
You guys have fisherman pants!
man, I havent come across many Americans here in Utah who appreciate the awesomeness of fisherman pantssssss

comfy and breathable. two simple words to describe the their brilliance.

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