On a beautiful and golden November afternoon in Utah...I took a walk with my amazing family.Up this path into sacred Rock Canyon --Where native people once gathered to sing to the stars.How lucky to walk in these mountains togetherand carry our children up to explore rocky caves,and wander up narrow trails through scree and brambles, looking down upon the glowing valley from high upon a cliffside perch.
Gazing out upon the life and magic spreading over the earth below,
we are mesmerized, until the sun falls.


Amy Beatty said…
Awe, I love it. You got some great pics!!!! Please put them on my FACE (facebook). How did your drive go. I have been thinking and missing you all day!!!
Anonymous said…
Heather, what glorious golden Autumn days in Utah. I'm so happy you got to go! Wish I could have gone too!! Love the pictures of the walk, and the kids are so cute, I miss them! Love the first one of you and Bella. Cool cowboy boots and hat!
boots said…
that looks super fun, all you girls are so pretty!
AdieSpringB said…
Seriously, these photos are so lovely. I love the one with Matty and the three kids and the sunshine. Looks like quite the exhilaratin hike.

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