Toay was Etsy-posting day. I have a whole new slew (whew!) of great vintage stuff that I am trying to sell for the holidays, so it has been the project around here as of late. (of course, check my shop for all the updates!)

Now, getting Darin to pose for photos is a chore. You may not know it from looking at him, but he hates having his picture taken and especially, having to act like a model. So it gets kinda fun and really funny doing Etsy photo shoots like we did today. Because as the day goes on, he gets weirder and weirder, dorkier and dorkier.

For example, here he is posing in the Christmas sweater, acting like Santa's elf who knows that you've been naughty:

Or way overboardly, uncomfortably too-warm in his thick woolen sweater: Or he'll do strange little dances to try to be funny, and it's so ridiculous that it IS funny, and I get pictures like this:
And these are the kind of weirdo pics he takes of me! Thanks, hon, for snapping this right as I snapped my ankle and keeled over and fell in a twisted heap. (jk, but you might think so huh? either that or I'm a marionette)

And then he has to take little breaks and re-energize, doing stuff like this:

and this (which I actually love):

Well, basically he eventually just goes crazy, like I'm talking loses ALL his marbles, throws in the towel, and has to start laughing maniacally and then he goes, I'm done. Last one. And I'll be like, guess that shirt's only getting four photos.
My point is, it's fun. It's fun and it makes me love the colors in my backyard and the cats hang out and watch and purr and it's just nice, folks. And I secretly sort of want to keep all the clothes cause they are cute. And ultimately, that's why I like to sell these vintage clothes. Cause they are filled with good loving.


AdieSpringB said…
I love that pic of darin doing the handstand. It totally looks like it's from the 70's. What cam did you take that with? Looks like you kids had a realllll blast. Can't wait to see you. Weird. The longer the live over here the more I feel like I am a natural hermit. Guess it takes bein' around my own kind to get me out of my skin. I miss yalls.
AdieSpringB said…
I meant the longer "I" live over here. My homesickness has died down. It tis a real thing, that homesickness. Now I feel as though I could craft e'ery night. Not that I don't miss your guts out. I like reading your blog again though. Instead of buggin you while you write it! ;)
AdieSpringB said…
HOney what is happening to your feet in that one pic?
Kelsie Lynn said…
I love your shop!! Im so tempted to do some christmas shopping for myself right now..

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