Cheese with your popcorn, anyone?

I can't believe I am doing this. Posting a blog about the Notebook. It is my worst nightmare and it is an action that I personally would (should) scathingly ridicule.

And yet...

We watched it last night and I must admit there are two reasons I like the Notebook.
Only two, mind you.

1. Ryan Gosling...this is a new development since I saw him play his music live. Before that he was just another handsome-but-boring Hollywood face, although I thought he was pretty good in United States of Leland and Half Nelson. But now that he's got some extra spark of creativity and liveliness to me that I just cannot ignore, I had to watch him being romantic. I swear, otherwise I would not have been watching the godawful Notebook.

2. The look. I love the South Carolina lushness, the live oaks and weeping willows and swamps full of birds. And I love the 1940s styles:

I especially love that red romper!
Of course, this movie takes every single cliche you could imagine (ice cream cones, ferris wheels, sweeping her up into an embrace in the rain, etc etc etc) and tries to make you cry about it.
But anyway.

Last night I put on my best impression of an "Allie from the Notebook" outfit, made popcorn, and watched this damn sappy film, fast forwarding or ignoring the old people parts, with Emily and Joey. Mostly we laughed our asses off for two solid hours and no one could coherently explain what was so damn funny.


boots said…
i admit, i cry everytime.
Hoodoo Voodoo said…
I wish SO bad we had pictures of us accompanying these!! did you ever figure out your camera sitch, by the way? Oh, what a night. I loved every second of it. Encore??
Michelle said…
I think that Ryan Gosling is amazing, and I don't know how he got suckered into a movie like this, but I still love it all the same. Maybe because when it came out I was still in that phase of my life where I absolutely loved things like that? (I blame it on my lack of age)

Still it's nice to see him in something romantic...

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