Birthday Bliss

Happy birthday to me! If you want to see what my lovely and amazing FAMILY HAS TO SAY ABOUT IT GO HERE.
(it's all so true, i promise)
Today I plan to:
  • buy a new camera (lost mine Wednesday night and I'm going crazy, it's a good self-birthday-present)
  • have a beautiful fall picnic with my sweetheart
  • have a MASSIVE DANCE PARTY here at my house (can't wait!)

Lucky me...

I live in a beautiful town, surrounded by family and friends I love so dearly (a few are far away but I'll see them so soon!) I am healthy and strong and have free time and energy and plans and so much love for everything that it breaks my damn heart!


Amy Beatty said…
You are the cutest baby. I'm glad you are getting a new camera. Hopefully it will be awesome so you can take some amazing pictures of your party for me. I love you.
Emily Anne said…
Ohhh cute photo! :-) Happy birthday. Funny, today is one of my best friends birthdays and I'm thinkin we're gonna dnace tonight too. (Swing dancing.) Loved your blog!
this is so sweet. what a darling baby that got big but remains darling. happy birthday everyday.
Anonymous said…
Heather, how appropriate that a kitty is in the picture with you. It seems like yesterday honey that you were this tiny precious baby with the big brown eyes. Where have the years gone? I love you angel, Momma

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