the brothers bloom

Have you seen it?
There was a lot I loved about it, especially the fable-like quality and their hats. Not so sure about the ending, though...
Also, I realized one thing: I could never be a conman.
Could you?


One of my favorite movies! So whimsical. The cinematography was amazing, as was Rachel Weitz.
mooncowboy said…
wait, did you take my recommendation on this? if so, I feel great. if not--coincidence, serendipity even (I recently posted about this movie).

I loved it. Ending was good, a little surprising, but not perfect. Still, very wellmade and I would own and watch this again, a few times.
hey mattie, i did see that you had said something about liking it and i've been wanting to see it but it's always out at the redbox. finally it was in! i had no idea what to expect, started watching and bam! i'm like, uh oh better go put my contacts back in cause i want to pay attention and get some hot chocolate and a blanket cause i can tell it's gonna be a good one. i thought the ending fell a little flat...i'll explain why later...but as for the rest it was SO entertaining and great. i love the part with the little boys at the beginning. total wes anderson rip off (whole thing) but that's fine by me.
Amy Beatty said…
I loved it. who doesn't get off to a good thunder storm?
mooncowboy said…
we'll have to talk more about it. definitely Wes Anderson-esque (i was going to mention that too), an homage almost?--but nothing wrong with that style, fine by me too. i loved the scene where you see Adrian Brody's head and behind him the walkway lights leading to the cabana behind him suddenly light up. little things like that.
boots said…
Kelsie Lynn said…
Has totally gone down in my list of favourite brilliant/clever films.

"Find infinite beauty in anthing, every little thing".

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