Jarom turns SEVEN!!! (best age in the world)

Here's my amazing nephew Jarom who turned SEVEN yesterday. And we had enough fun for seven families, all in one day.
First we went to lunch at the new little Italian bistro on the corner, Gloria's Little Italy for some yummy lunchy and homemade birthday dessert. Our waiter sang "Happy Birthday" to Jarom in the most stunning operatic Italian! Such a treat.

Here's Bella slurping her

Amy, sweet mother of these gorgeous children, and Orion the youngest who is obviously ravaging that creamy alfredo pasta!

Came back for an afternoon of running amok outside, the boys having a massive nerf gun war. A bunch of seven year old boys....WOW...it's pure chaos. Shrieking, silly, wild, ridiculous chaos. Oh yeah, a bunch of seven year old boys plus MY TWO RAD CRAZY BROTHERS.
Meanwhile Mattie (my brother) and I donned our super-fab costumes to gear up for the TREASURE HUNT!

I decided that treasure hunts are good for first graders because they force them to read as quickly and enthusiastically as possible. WOO HOO!

Divvying up the treasure. One activity to the next. Now it was time to decorate little robot-shaped cakes. The kids were pouring mounds of pure sprinkles then gobbling them up...mmmm, you know it sounds good.

Present opening time! Thanks aunty Addie for the fun skeleton puzzle toy!
And now, the real robot cake comes out with yet another birthday song.
Someone was SO excited.

Momma and son, a beautiful pair.
We closed out the night going to the dollar theater to see Ponyo which was wonderful as all Miyazaki films are! My favorite parts were the moon and the giant mermaid and the fish and whales swimming down the streets.

Jarom used his own money to buy treats to share.
Came home to YET ANOTHER cake delivered while we were gone by the kids' neighborhood babysitter. A pretty little blue and white cake specially for Jarom. One more wish!

It was quite the day. Kids finally in bed, us adults ended it snuggled up watching episodes of Big Love on the couch with bellies full of all the sweets in the world. Sounds like a good birthday to me.


Amy Beatty said…
I love how you made this blog. I think I will have matt copy it to ours. Love you
Anonymous said…
Thank you Heather for posting the pictures of a glorious, happy birthday celebration for my precious 7 year old grandson!! So glad you got to be there with him on his birthday! Jarom, how did you get so big already? I love you guys! Amy your hair is so long. Can't wait for you all to visit us. Love you all, Nana
AdieSpringB said…
Jarom looks as though he had the best party everr! Art said he wants a robot party. Seriously I wish I had been there. Except I am more lazy and not sure I would have run around town with the kids in the freezing cold for the treasure hunt part, but maybe!

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