Road Trip!

I'm on a road trip to Utah with my brother Joey and his lovely lady Emily to visit my other brother Matt and his family. And it is cold and crisp and beautiful and every moment is a new adventure.

Only thing is, I miss my big handsome cat Stormy (aka Bubber Gup) who fell ill, dreadfully ill the day before we left. I am super worried about him and worried for sweet Darin taking care of him all on his lonesome.

Other than that, we're having pirate treasure hunts, stepping through snow (!), eating tons of cake and candy and treats, having girl talk, planning hikes and having pure celebratory fun!


boots said…
how fun! drive safe
Amy Beatty said…
I'm sooooooo glad you are HERE!!!!! Yip EEEEEEEE for me. Love you xo

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