It's the Most Wonderful Day of the YEAR!

The BIRTHDAY of an incredible person.

The inimitable, the mysterious, the radical, the one and only
and MY one and only...

Like most girls, I wrote a list when I was 18 of all the things I wanted to find in a guy. It was super cheesy but actually pretty realistic and good. I still stand by it. He had to be:
  • adventurous - like totally-willing-to-take-off-on-a-spontaneous-road-trip-and-love-it-and-be-an-easy-going-travel-partner adventurous,
  • funny like wicked-sense-of-ridiculous-overconfident-goofy-humor funny,
  • kind - like super-sweet-to-animals-extra-special-nice-to-everyone-kind,
  • preferably green eyes (!)
  • an true intellectual
  • and sort of dorky.
I remember my sis Addie helped me make the list one day in Psychology class at the community college because I had decided that, woe was me, I was destined to be forever alone because I hated guys.
We figured out that Paul Rudd's character, Josh, from Clueless was the ONLY ONE FOR ME.
And guess what, dear blog world?
I found my own Paul Rudd only more handsome and smarter and more daring and thoughtful and utterly hilarious and mystical. HOW COULD THIS BE??? (Actually I already knew him since high school when he was a jock and i thought he was totally "out of my league" to use a total old-folksy expression and then later he went to homecoming with my best friend)

And yes, dear reader, I married him.

So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonder man, my mystic, my gypsy boy, my scholar, my lover, my singer, mine own true love, my husband.


AdieSpringB said…
Reah! (pronounced like YEAH! but with the scooby doo "r" from Ri Ron't ROW sound)
Darindarindarindarindarindarindarin. Darin is a winner. A dryly, slyly, highly humourous piece of work that we all adore with our heart of hearts.
boots said…
Amy Beatty said…
I love this. I love Darin too!!! You two are perfect. Hope you guys do something wonderful. HAPPY Day DARIN!!!!!
P.s. I didn't know about Paul. Just saw I love you man the other week and can't get that fella out of my head!!
Hoodoo Voodoo said…
You forgot to mention what a talented MODEL HE IS!!! :)

Love you both so much! Happy birthday, D :) Love you and cant wait to celebrate with you!!!
Michelle said…
adoarable! And I agree with your list, and your assessment of Paul Rudd.

You two are very very cute together!
another sweet pearl given to 'blogger world.' you always make me laugh, like put my hand over my mouth and giggle laugh. i love it.

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