Wednesday, February 24, 2010

we're going "on tour"

kind of. dark river is playing one faraway show.

here's the plan: take a trip up the pacific coastline and meet our friends to play a show at a loggers' tavern in blue lake, california.

so i'll be gone for a few days. but i'll be romping through the green mistylands of the redwood forests and the most romantic and beautiful highway in the whole wide world.

faretheewell friends!


this is my grandma g.
georgia to be exact. we call her "georgie" and she is 98 years old.
that's right.
she shares a birthday with my brother mikie and we got to take her out to dinner and share in the presence of her shining soul.
she still lives alone.
she eats oatmeal with blueberries every morning, with a cup of hot chocolate.
she remembers all of her grandkids' and great-grandkids' birthdays. and there are A LOT of them and even great-great-grandkids.
she still loves my grandfather whom i never met; he died when my dad was twenty.
she is about four and a half feet tall...teeny tiny.
my dad, below on the left, does so much for her and she relies on him for a lot because she can't see very well or get around very easily. for years and years her favorite thing was to walk to the bus station in sacramento and ride the bus all over creation to do her errands and to go to bingo. now she can't walk as far as the bus station on her own, but still overall she is pretty much fit as a fiddle.
cousin tom beatty, on the right, owned the froggy that won the calaveras county jumping frog contest in 1989. when i was a kid that impressed me immesely.
oh, and just for good measure, here she is as a young lady.
pretty lil georgia baker, california girl!

what a doll.

and with my grandpa buck.
i come from a long line of nice, happy, loving people and for that i am so blessed.
can't wait till one hundred! and a massive fiesta!

Monday, February 22, 2010

mi hermano the birthday prince

my brother is a pisces, a rapscallion, and a bandit of love and magic.
or as darin would say, the free-wheelin mikie beatty!
i miss you dreadfully today on your birthday, thinking about your roguish charm.
hope that land of the "angels" appreciates your brilliance, cause it outshines every other star in sight.

can't wait till you're back in the midst of our madness:

and how old ARE you????
ha ha, i'll never tell. cause i like how mysterious you are like that.
you're a dreamboat mikie, a lover and a dreamer.
i love you kid.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

foxfire and jenny lewis

have you seen this:
because i watched it last night and i have to admit: i actually sort of loved it. (and so did darin, crazy huh?)at least as much as you can love a totally melodramatic 1990s teen chick flick based on a book that is much much better (i'm assuming, cause it's by joyce carol oates). but it had heart, and the sprawling portland setting and bridges and creepy abandoned house by the river sealed the deal for me. oh, yeah, and the girls sitting in the dark by candlelight bonding cermoniously, sound familiar?  

but what i really loved most of all was jenny lewis as the sheepish and shy redhead rita who takes revenge on her pervert teacher.

i sympathized because of her inability to dissect a frog:
that's her on the bottom left. niceness personified. she speaks in exclamation points and is a big dork. so......yeah.
it wasn't until the end of the movie that i figured out that this jenny lewis who plays rita is indeed THE jenny lewis, and that made me like THE jenny lewis about a hundred percent more. see how redhot cute she is?

i mean, not that you didn't KNOW she was cute ALREADY... i did too and even saw her play with rilo kiley some years ago and have and enjoy some of her music but for some reason i was just "not buying into her shit" a hundred percent before. (yeah.....i have a cynical friend who used to say, "i just can't buy into his shit" and i sort of picked it up and use it from time to time but very sparingly because i am nice and a dork way too much to go around saying that)

but anyway, post-foxfire, i see this:

Jenny Lewis "See Fernando" from Team G on Vimeo.

and lollipops explode inside me because it looks so damn CUTE and FUN. my two favorite things.

this too:

her show last independence day with conor oberst and the mystic valley band which you can read all about here. and which looks like the funnest show on earth - she parades around in an american flag cape and sings with a giant smile plastered across her face! rad.

so that's my tribute to jenny lewis, my newfound love.

 two other cuties of foxfire:
jenny shimizu as goldie, the druggie (darin's fave) and sarah rosenberg as violet, the sexy one (my fave).

incidentally, jenny shimuzu i remembered as this calvin klein model
pretty hot huh?
and angelina jolie says she wanted to marry her, for reals.

okay well i guess that's enough 90s trivia for the night. peace out and good night, lovelies.

Friday, February 19, 2010


for a couple of days, oh the sunshine we had!
oh the sunshine...

it was so magnificent and bright and strong that i felt it warming my very bones.
and i knew it was truly the pure solution to all human ills.
and it was utter bliss, and i wrote lists of everything that inspires and i danced around making wild shadows in the grass and being a total maniac.
me and my girls spent the whole two days outside, with a stack of books and a journal and music.
here's beanie jane and i rolling and stretching and loving and purring in the sun:

we even made a new friend with super cool front paws:
we dubbed him pluto.

today it was cloudy again but that's okay too because i've got this:

and a ladies' tea party and clothing swap to attend this eve...
so welcome rain, show me what you got; we can handle it because we have LOVE and a FIRE in the woodstove and our bodies are now a teeny bit stronger from that SUN.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

en la cueva escondida

the other night i was exhausted after work, snacking on fudge and looking at blogs when my friends called me to go explore a cave at 8 pm. i was like, um, yeah right. that sounds way too cold, uncomfortable, and scary to make me get up off my lazy ass. then i was like, wait. wait just a minute. who am i to be such a loser? i love adventures, right? let's keep that in mind self. pulled on jeans under the nightie and went out into the cold, uncomfortable scary night air with the best group of lively explorers a girl could want!

jorden is a science teacher. so....we're safe right?
i still can't believe i went down in there!
by the way, what i fondly call a "cave" is actually an abandoned mine.
does that make it more or less scary?

once you creep through that freaky opening and down into the earth a bit, it opens up enough to stand.
i was breathing easier...except for the scary log that seems to be holding the whole thing up? oh, and werid broken down cart tracks and piles of bat dung and the close dampness of that hidden lair.
and... mysterious meandering side caverns where mountain lions could hide out.
or worse yet, drugged up psychos who sleep on this:

okay, i had to stop my brain from horror-obsessing and let the spirit of exploration take over.
here's becky being brave in the darkness.
and joey and daniel with head lamps.
later we turned them off and had a moment of pure blackness and silence. not something i'm accustomed to, ever. it was crrraaazzzy.

we came out a different way than where we went in. if this had been our entrance, NO THANKS.
here's em coming through the birth canal into the fresh-aired night.

we wandered around the land for a while. my brother and his friends have explored there many times before and they call it "middle earth."

and then we found this sign, whoops:

and other cool/creepy stuff:

 but best of all were the brilliantly shining stars in the sky and us all trying to remember the names of constellations and talking about astonomy and our dream houses and other such fun topics.

sunny february days = the mood for pure adventure.
here's hoping for many more!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sweets to the sweet

Rebecca and Zack had their Valentine's party last night and all the cuties got decked out and ate tons of homemade goodies.

We even got to see our San Francisco friends this time!

Like the lovely CarolAnn who is moving soon to a farm. (oh by the way Darin shaved his beard into this crazy moustache. Just to spice up V-day a little even though I gave him hell for it!)
We got to hang out with Ryann's sweet friend Carla from Argentina. And brush up on the old Spanish.
These two went stag. (Is that word for real?)

Rachel and Lesley sharing the love by the treat table, which we later strewed with lace doilies and pink and purple bras and panties and scarves!
Group photo madness! The new tradition. It was especially rambunctious this time, but I really love tiny Sylvan's expression up front.
We played a game.
I forget what it was called, but it involved three different stages of trying to get your team to guess random words or phrases. I have to say, it was pretty hilarious and when I say that I am specifically referring to myself trying to act out the word "hella." It was real real bad.
Also, we had unrecognizable spanish words like barioleta or something like that thrown in for good measure.
sara, darin, doniella
Couple shots.
nick and rachel:
god they're adorable.
stan and lesley.
yep, them too.
darin and i can never quite pull off a good couple shot. i am pro at fake smiling for cameras, but darin...not so much. he did, however, wear my late uncle chuck's cupid vest from the 70s. and I wore my mom's strawberry dress, also, obviously, from the good old era of the 1970s.
me and the city girls. HOW I MISS THEM WHEN THEY'RE NOT AROUND!
they make my country heart swell.
we love parties!
we love love!

i don't count today (the actual 14th) as valentine's this year.
i had to work all day, then came home and now darin's at work till 1 a.m.
so i'm curling up watching Band of Outsiders all by myself and dying over the dancing scene and Anna Karina's cute hair. Oh and eating all the leftover chocolates.

good night sweet lovers wherever you are!