Mountain Lovers

saturday was our five year wedding anniversary, june 30, one of our very favorite days.
you might remember, we usually go out of town for our anniversary and spend a few days having fun adventures.
this year we kept it a bit closer to home :)

we headed up into the mountains to refresh our spirits in nature.

we had pie and coffee at the same delicious roadside cafe where we stopped last fall. i am especially nostalgic about this place, this drive and that day because i think that is right around when we conceived our baby, remember that crush i had on my husband ;)

darin had raspberry cherry (nice and tart) and i had...
 blueberry cranberry maple pie with vanilla ice cream. i'm telling you, there is nothing like this pie.

wearing my anniversary dress! it's the one my mom made for me from a vintage pattern that i wore on my wedding day.
 i wear it every year on june 30, but was worried this year, being 38 weeks pregnant and all. but in the morning i figured, well...guess it's worth a try....and it fit! oh how i love a good wrap dress!
you can see me in it last year here, the year before here. pretty different now huh?

we walked around woods lake. i hefted that big old belly pretty darn well, if i may say so myself.
darin was all nervous as i clambered through marshy fields and up granite rocks to take pictures of wildflowers. the path was often overgrown so i had to duck through underbrush and wallow through swamps and rushing creeks. i felt like a great big she-bear rambling the forests. but in a bridal dress :)

can you spot my wild adventurer up there by the waterfall?

on the other side of the lake we found nice sunny rocks without so many mosquitoes and settled in to relax awhile. the water sparkled and i finished reading a really good book and waded in to cool off.

and we talked and took pictures and darin told me about astrotheology and we lounged in brilliant mountain sunshine and the day was long and sweet.

 it was the first year we came back to our own town for the night.  placerville had "Brewfest" happening on main street . they close off the streets and various breweries sample their wares and there is music all up and down the street . so we strolled on down and met up with tons of varied friends dancing with their babies and each other on the street, or playing instruments in the bands, or just drinking and laughing and telling stories.... and all of them oohhing and ahhing over my belly. i felt like quite a queen....and have never been so exhausted when i finally fell into bed that night. 
it was a good good day.
and i am so grateful to have been married for five years to my love, and to look forward to a thousand more.


Anonymous said…
look at you two lovers in paradise! what a gorgeous magical day. how fitting to bring yourself to the mountain...that last month of pregnancy reminds me of a mountain. strong, solid and full of the is-ness of itself. i hope you were infused with just the right magic for this last leg of the journey. and what is astrotheology?

that last pic of you...has the baby dropped? i remember that transition, from up and perky to more tear drop shaped. she's on the move!

also, mimosa is just another name for the silk tree!
mmgood said…
oh, and have i told you lately how beautiful you are? i have? well, it bears repeating. you are resplendent.
anne said…
happy anniversary!!! a day worth celebrating with much enthusiasm! what a pretty spot you chose to spend the day at. and that baby looks as though she's getting ready to emerge! have you gotten to the, "get this baby outta me" part of pregnancy yet?
Lena said…
You two are so beautiful and right together it makes my heart sing! Happiest of anniversaries! And how lovely that your anniversary dress fits right over the babe that is your union.
Your trips also make me miss the Sierras and the foothills something terrible. :) Where is that pie bakery? When you write about it I long to go there--I adore pie. and those flavors!!
Lena, the bakery is just over Carson Pass, it's called Hope Valley Resort and Cafe and is veerrry popular in the fall when the aspens turn colors. Busy in the summertime too, for fly fishermen and campers. It is in a lovely shady location right at the bend of the river, just a little before you turn off toward Markleeville. I hope you get a chance to visit; you'll seriously DEVOUR their pie! Thanks so much for the sweet compliments too :)
Heather said…
Happy Anniversary!! What a gorgeous day looks absolutely beautiful where you are. You are in California right? Here way south in California the landscape is so different. It is a big state! Happy 4th ~Love Heather
Heather said…
Happy Anniversary!! What a gorgeous day looks absolutely beautiful where you are. You are in California right? Here way south in California the landscape is so different. It is a big state! Happy 4th ~Love Heather
Celynne said…
Your white dress looks gorgeous on you now! You're so beautiful, and radiating love. Happy Anniversary lovely lady :)
Milla said…
Happy Anniversary you lovebirds. Looks like you're taking all the advice and doing things together just the two of you. What fun. I'm also rather impressed by your wedding gown tradition. I must have read about it before and forgot, but now I fully intend to follow your lead come anniversary. Lots of love a thousand fold.
Lena said…
oh thank you thank you Heather! I can't wait to go there.

39 weeks!! You are a spirit of life and beauty and so much else.
Teeny said…
next time we come, we're going hiking with you hmmmkay?! and congratulations on keepin the love alive and celebrating each other the way you two do. xoxo

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