darin and i took a little anniversary trip to monterey bay area and big sur and we miss it already. it was incredibly refreshing to get away and have a bunch of different experiences that included:

gallivanting around the santa cruz beach boardwalk riding rides with mikie and candice:and ducking into the arcade for some skee ball and photo booths:
staying in a wonderful little tent cabin at fernwood
having our morning coffee in a shady redwood nook with begonias and
ferns and succulents all around us:

finding gorgeous Pfeiffer Beach to hang out on for hours and finding caves and starfish and crabs

these are just my scanned-in photos of our trip.more photos and a little video is on its way!


bandini said…
cant wait to go all of us for more nites. stoked about fernwood.
Amy Beatty said…
Heather!!!! That looked like the most perfect summery anniversary ever. I'm glad you guys had such a great time. Love you!! The kids are so excited to go next Tuesday!
Mikie said…
What better time of the year for an anniversary than late june. I was very glad you guys could make it down - Heather if only you could post a video about how it feels to ride the Fireball!! Now that's a wild ride. Sheeesh. I can literally hear people screaming on it as I'm typing this.
Your trip looked great. Makin the most of those last few polaroids...

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