Angora Lakes polaroids

Addie, Artie and I took a little jaunt up to Tahoe to meet up with Dad, Matt, Amy and the whole Smith family for some fun at beautiful Angora Lakes.

Because my digital camera BROKE after Friday night, I was only able to take Polaroids, which Addie and I are calling "roids" much to Art's chagrin.

Here is the first, Addie and Art at coffee in Pollock Pines at a little place most amazingly named: Pony Espresso. Gotta love it, plus they serve Naked coffee which is to die for. We had a gorgeous drive up to Tahoe and then got befittingly lost on our way to the hidden jewel of Angora Lakes.They keep this place tucked away up on the ridge, you have to walk a mile to get there from a parking lot at the end of an unmarked road. Despite that fact it seems to get busier and busier all the time. Every other year the wonderful and massive Smith family converges here!
Here I am with my sister in law, Amy and her sister Glory. They are practically twinnies, the way they talk and smile and bounce around when they get excited. ADORABLE and inspiring with their energetic and happy-go-lucky approach to life.And here's Addie with amy and another Smith sister, Jenny on the left.
This was sisters' heaven!Amy and Matt with their baby Orion.
Basically, they're models.

Pops, the kids call him "Papa" with Bella in the lake.
She is a good little swimmer and she LOVES her papa!
There's a little lodge with cute little things like handmade crafty items, maps of the area, Smoky the Bear teeshirts, and best of all HOMEMADE POPSICLES. Here i am enjoying my grape-lemonade wormpop, that is, it has a delicious lil gummy worm stuck inside! YUM!
By the way, not sure if you can tell but somehow this roid came out with tiny specks of light all around my face and head. anyone know why?
i like to think they're summer fairies.
Driving back to Fallen Leaf Lake campground, Matt just held Oey on his lap. cuties. We got to stop and enjoy the view along the way, which is absolutely breath-taking! I feel so lucky that this is all almost in my own backyard. Just a hop skip jump away.

We all met for dinner at Baja Fresh in Tahoe.
Here's Jarom, my oldest nephew, full of spunk and smarts, with his friend and the oldest of the 26 (YES 26!!) Smith grandkids, Grant, Glory's son. It is so fun for them to grow up with TONS of cousins all around the same age to play with.
Look at these handsome little devils!

We had such a nice day at Angora Lakes, surrounded by loving and wonderful people and swimming in that perfect water.
Maybe next time I'll actually jump off one of the cliffs. (a small one!)


Amy Beatty said…
I love those Polaroids!! They are such treasures. I'm so glad you guys made it up. We had such a delightful time swimming and our daring jump off the log!!!
you have a way of sharing that just makes life more beautiful.
what a gift.
i was so glad that we all could prove that family is not barred by blood.
thanks for coming up.
Momma said…
How much fun you all had, wish I could have gone, maybe next time! Love you all, Sue/Susan/Nana/Momma

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