two years under the moonshine

here's a little video i made about our anniversary trip. we had so much fun, a ridiculous amount of fun. well, see for yourself...


Hoodoo Voodoo said…
big sur in september.
I cant believe I live with these two wonderful people.
I cant wait for glacier.
summer is HEEEERRE!
Amy Beatty said…
Heather, that was so cute. I really like the song you put it to. Looks like a summer dream. I liked when Darin ran away real quick and the last two photos in the tent cabin the most!!
that was absolutely wonderful.
i love that you two celebrated your love with excitement and youth and sun. your hair is more beautiful than peacock feathers.
the parting shot was so perfect....
oh, amour!
Marya said…
this made me so happy!! you guys are so beautiful and personify sunshine.

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