i went on an amazing little journey --sola -- all by myself! partially inspired by my brother mikie who loves to go places and take little trips alone, and partially inspired by my old self who dreamed of a solitary cross country road trip. nowadays the biggest part of me is much more fond of trips with loved ones and friends especially when you have well-matched traveling partners like darin and i. it is one of the greatest blessings to find someone who is good-natured and adventurous to travel with, who doesn't mind stopping four or five times in as many hours to go to the bathroom or get diet coke and candy, who likes to explore ruins and check out historical markers and will sleep (almost) anywhere and hike and swim on a whim.

but that is all beside the point. back to my sola journey. the first part is top-secret information and reserved for a later post. but the next day was when, for the first time since i can remember, i went to the beach alone!

i found this cozy little pocket of perfect dreamy beach called BEAN HOLLOW. if you know me, you know why i love that name.

all by myself with that glorious sun and water, a staggering book that I finally finished (The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano) and my journal and camera, of course.

ode to beach towns.

ended up in my new home-away-from-home, santa cruz, home of my brother mikie and his adorable lady candice and a bunch of other funlovingcrazypants like these:

happy hour in the Red Room -- oh it is happy alright.

next we headed to santa cruz mountain brewing company for yummy organic brews, dog-petting, and interesting conversations with cyclists and beer afficionados.

we ended up gallivanting around the Boardwalk for cheap thrills:
Monday and Tuesday nights are called "1907 Nights" and everything costs 75 cents



bandini said…
i wish we could have come so bad. whats with the massive tent in the backyard situation?
Momma said…
What a wonderful trip Heather, I love that you went alone. Good for you! That's the spirit. I'm going to SC to see Mikie and Candice in August, can't wait to see their little home before they leave it! You look like you had so much fun! love you darlin' and I know why you love Bean Beach...Momma

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