Friday night karaoke at Powells was a real winner, let me just say.

addie says it truly kicked off summer...our summers last a longggg time around here, so don't worry. we're still in for a lot more of this.


here we are, the beattys. in BACKWARDS stairstep order: joey, mikie, matt, me, and addie.also, second most important: CarolAnn was in town! here's a picture that shows her enjoying the glory of downtown walks to karaoke night. unfortunately i missed this part, having had to work and coming from work smelling of sweat, bleach and fries, yikes.ALSO very important: a bunch of Smith sisters came! Look at these radiant beauties who are sort of my relatives through my sister-in-law, Matt's wife Amy. I kept wanting to cry that Amy wasn't there because she was exhausted, home asleep, and missing out on her own sisters' night out on the town which is just the sort of thing she loves's cutie Dolly joining Fofe in a little Cake vivacity: "he's racing and pacing and plotting the course. he's fighting and biting and riding on his horse. he's going the distance, he's going for SPEED."here's a buncha cuties: joey, emily, cameron and migs singing god knows what. wish i had a pic of mikie singing Tenacious D's "best song in the WAH-HORLD"meanwhile stan held conferences at the front table with various unruly associates such as these.this was matt's big entrance. the MOMENT he entered through that door everyone rushed him on the stage where his old bandmates matt trudeau and joey were singing a nice lil' Blink 182 (?) number for him to join in on.
Robot the Boy reunion!!!beattys are blessed with good lovers. here are two.
and here's mine on the left. even though we were in a tiff that night, i can't help noticing how DAMN HOT he is. adam and martin are to the right and they are pretty cute too.addie and em singing with SO MUCH PASSION YOU COULD TIE IT IN A KNOT IN THE AIR. a love ballad, perhaps "making love out of nothing at all"another important detail, KAITLYN WEBER in town just being plain old ADORABLE with molly. it was a reunion night of sorts, just the way i like em.artie with his gals. agghh it was a fine old time.i'll leave you with this, my favorite pic of the night. i mean c'mon.
check this out. oh matt you amaze me. come be with us MORE OFTEN!!!


Wow your hair is long! Looks like a great night!

Amy Beatty said…
HEather!! I feel like I was there after reading this. All of your pictures turned out soooooooo dang cute. Feel bad that you missed out on that hottie. Good thing you live with him!!
haha i love that last picture. How wonderful to come from a big family.
Momma said…
Heather I love these pictures! Are they roids? Good, good job and lots of fun, wish I had come. Invite next time love you darlin'!

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