why i love my backyard

i recently learned how to mow the lawn. well, i'll admit it didn't take much learning, more just doing. anyway i now love mowing my lawn - it soothes the soul. so i'm trying to bring my poor grass back to health and lately things are summery and pretty and i am in my backyard all day sometimes and i just love it.
for many reasons. look how pretty this is.

and this

this is SO NICE, addie calls it margaritaville

these are new this year and the hummingbirds of course love it plus i feel like i'm in costa rica

this stuff just appears out of nowhere to brighten our world

and of course there's always these
and him
and these guys merrily traipsing through!


bandini said…
rad i love living there
Mikie said…
the cutest blog that I have ever seen
i love how you are mowing the lawn in a skirt! right on, that's how i garden too... :)
Marya said…
your blog makes me happy - do you mind if i link it to mine? (terrasse.pyralis.net)

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