The Universe was Blessed On This Day

....this sweet little kid was born!

he's always got that impish glint in his eye.
he still looks exactly like this to me.

happy birthday to my incredible husband.
now we're off to enjoy the day together.
like we've been doing for so many years!

here are some oldies but goodies in celebration.



Heidi Ann said…
Happy birthday, Darin!!!!
Amy Beatty said…
I love Darin too!!! He is so DANG handsome, plus was the cutest baby ever born. Lucky you xoxo
Aw. Happy Birthday to your man. Here's to a celebrated life!
Bee said…
so cute. what a portugee he is. now you know you are an honorary portugee since you married one.
Happy Birthday! Cute baby pictures!!!
Celia said…
Happy Birthday to your man! What a cute baby he was! You guys look so very happy and in love....
Missa said…
How funny, our husbands have the same birthday! Happy belated birthday to Darin!

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