Sierra hot springs retreat

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We are on the road again! Just for two days. We have headed out into the foresty mountains past tiny old mining towns, over rivers and bridges, fishermen and lumberjacks, tiny leaves drifting like listless fairies in the wind and the pines tall and rangy all ashudder. It is a wild and free little valley we've come into and the moon rose like a witch of the mountain sky as the hot water filled our skins. I was thinking everyone should come here at least once. O how I'd love to see a bear cross a moonlit field tonight.


Nicky said…
Sounds lovely! Cute shot of you too :D Looks like we'll be flying right over Placerville instead of driving :( booo. Someday we'll be back up there!
Kaylie said…
Just read your comment--I am so excited for you to read them! Seriously, this makes me feel like I did some good in the world. Be sure to let me know what you think of them! Who knows, by the time the last movie comes out (this July), you may be completely up to speed on Harry's adventures.

Happy reading! :)

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