Alessi's Ark

last night addie's adorable friend the amazing singer Alessi from london was in our humble little town, rollin with the homies.

here's a peak at her singing one of her enchanting songs on a balcony in scotland:

we met for beers at brick oven pub where they have over 25 brews on tap (good ones!) for only $2.50 on wednesday eves. jorden calls it b.o.p as in "wanna bop tonight?"
speaking of jorden, isn't he dashing in one of his many striking vests? he has been cajoled (many of our poor guys can relate) into the whole modeling thing lately...
i was just noticing how all my friends have great style;
check out jamie's amazing taste in sweaters....

and becky, (of course) at seven months preggers looking fresh and fashionable as ever!

and my darin, with simple tastes that naturally run toward the plaid and the cozy.

and my dear adorable friend kaitlyn, who lived in london for a year and became friends with alessi, and now here we all are about to sing karaoke together in good old p'ville.

all us ladies, gearing up...
i didn't get a picture of us girls (we sang "never tear us apart" by inxs, not an easy choice!) 
but i did get matt trudeau and bryn rocking no diggity.

art totally fell in love with my vest (shhh, i'm totally giving it to him. i regretted not taking it off then and there and handing it over. that's how clothes should be! passed around for maximum quantity of lovins)

saying good-bye....alessi and alexander are hitting the road for los angeles.
i do hope you check out lovely alessi's music, if you haven't already, cause she is sweet as honey and wise as an owl.


Missa said…
What a fun and stylin' bunch you all are... totally wishin' I could roll with the homies too! Alessi's voice is super lovely :)
Cel said…
Wow, Alessi really blows me away... I'm definitely going to be checking out more of her stuff. Looks like you had a great time :)

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