my birthday boy

we both had the day off together for darin's birthday and everything about the day was exactly his choice.
so here goes:

morning at sierra rizing bakery in lotus, visiting joey who is the baker there. he gave us a fresh-from-the-oven most perfect scrumptious homemade cinnamon roll which is darin's fave.


it was the absolutely most gorgeous breathtaking day.
oh, and by the way it was 80 degrees, just in case you are wondering about my summer clothes...

next we did another of darin's favorite things, trolled around in the old old coloma cemetery (started in 1856) for a while looking at all the old old graves and marveling at time and names and ghosts and deeds...

he once wrote a song about this one...

the babies kill my heart. especially the love and grief that goes into their tiny graves:
"Our Little Frank. Aged 2 yrs and 5 ms." 

the tombstones set us dreaming,
imagining a world where girls are still named agnes and die in childbirth just when they've arrived to live with their miner husband in a wild new land.
we make up stories and break our hearts.

darin spent some time in the afternoon recording with our friend jocelyn (of alak),  making soundtrack music for epic dust.
in the eve we were going to go to trivia at our favorite pub but it was crazy crowded.
so we ended up at placerville brewery instead, drinking seasonal pumpkin ales...

and hanging out with all our glorious friends.

darin opened gifts:

and everybody toasted him and sang "for he's a jolly good fellow."

it was like a balmy summer night!
we hung out for hours on the patio.

pops even showed up.

i had made a batch of homemade lemon cupcakes with creamcheese lemon frosting.  

and then we all went back to our house and a few more friends joined in and we all hung out until the wee hours.
celebrating rules.
i'd like to find an excuse to do it every day!


Teenysparkles said…
What a terrific day! I also like haunting cemetaries, I enjoy the solitude and indulgent sadness they offer....although I suppose one could be in the company of ghosts? It is not surprising that such happy seeming people as yourselves (seem to be) always have a merry band of people just totally stoked to hang and drink beer with you. Happy birthday to your husb!
Bee said…
good times!! i looooove old cemetaries. i grew up in the bay area and lived near Black Diamond Mines. my mom and i spent many days when i was a kid wandering around the old cemetary. miner ghost towns are spoooooooky! we even had a few ghosts at ours. there was a legend of the white witch, who wandered around the hills near the cemetary. my mom lost a few babies in between me and my sister :( so i think she found great comfort in the cemetary, especially around the babies graves. it was a bit macabre, but it's a memory i am glad i have.
Sounds and looks like fun filled day! The weather looks beautiful! Every Thursday I play trivia at a local bar with some friends; it's one of our favorite things to do. I hope you get to play soooooon!
Celia said…
Looks like you had a fantastic time! What a great group of friends!
Milla said…
This partee looks like soo much fun! Yippee for Darin! The lil' kid pictures you posted were adorable and so he seems to continue on with adorability. Also, I do wish it was balmy like a summer night here.

We've all been in a blogging funk lately, and I think that's okay, real life in all it's glory comes first, but it sure is nice to check in with you guys every once in a while (like couple times a week ;)

Big hug!
Amy Beatty said…
Fun party. I want that Cinnamon roll, fresh out of the oven sounds way too good. And I love that I know what song you are talking about.

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