Day of thanks and bounty

Let's just put it this the end of the day I was busting the buttons on my little dress. Both with joy and absolute stuffedness. love spending an entire day in the company of so many loved ones. A gathering, a feast, a whole lotta giggles and ridiculousness, stories, sweet potatoes and root veggies, mikie carving the tofurkey, a winter song that makes me cry, little children and cats running up and down the stairs at addie's and all the while, the coziest fire in the woodstove and snow piled up outside.

I am writing from bed, on my little contraption, sending out a very sleepy good night and wish of love and cornucopeia of gratitude to the world tonight. May the spirit of love light all your ways home.


Teenysparkles said…
oh you lovely lovely girl! Thank you for being such a generous blogger. Your words and smiling photos always brighten the page.
Hmm, I'm going to try this again. I've left two comments and they just wont appear!

One more try- Sorry to hear you're feeling yucky, me and the kids are totally zonked out from too much fun. I'm keeping everybody warm and well fed and plied with vitamin C in the hopes that we don't get sick.

That photo (of your sister?) is sweet, she's really beautiful. Let's hope this goes through!

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