my halloween costume for a festive day at the bookstore:

darin and i found this vintage clown suit while shopping in tucscon.

i am a total sucker for the sweet patterns on vintage fabric.

passing out candy to trick-or-treaters on main street.
i'm telling you, it is a madhouse down there! we must have given away thirty bags full of candy, maybe more.
i heard last year was even crazier since it fell on a saturday.

inside the store, my lovely co-worker sharon was busy too!

elizabeth, another bookstore gal, helping pass out candy.

all kinds of interesting visitors came to main street!

then i hurried home and got ready for jorden and becky's party.
darin had to work, so i went as a lone frida, sans diego.

i was astounded by my friends' amazing DIY costumes. i guess that's the thing about halloween that gets me happy, when it is super creative and festive.

rachel made a rad dia-de-los-muertos calaca from thrifted finds.

jorden: spirit of the owl.
joey: tom joad
stan: wallpaper again (half dressed)
jamie: alfred jarry.

emily was the cutest little silvery haired forest fairy.

next up, addie.

she is an old-fashioned spooky trick-or-treater, like the next little guys.
she gets real sad about how people don't do halloween the cool, spooky way anymore.
you can read about it and see more old-fashioned little ghouls in her post here.


amber made the most amazing mad hatter in a 150 year old top hat from her grandma (!) and accessories made of vintage spools of colorful thread (!!), with her dashing man cody.

chelsea was just the cutest lil jazzercizer.

showin off the deets.

speaking of jazz, that is jazz on the left with her hub dan and rachel's mom kelly.
they are best friends, and together they made a big ol haunted clock, complete with a key on dan's back.

nick as a sad hobo clown, with crazy owl boy.

elsie was just the cutest psychedelic bond girl. added bonus, there's a tiny bun in her oven!

i was pretty stoked on my brow.
i think it fits me rather well, and i loved being frida.

hope you all had a grand time, and sang lullabies to the dead while the veil has been thin.
i love when november begins!


Milla said…
Hahahah! I almost went as Frida last year and then discovered that my best friend was going as Frida. It would have been kind of funny though. You on the other hand make a fabulous Frida. Love it.
Bee said…
i was going to be frida this year too, but i got lazy. great costumes!!
so many great costumes!!
i am a sucker for old handmade cotton clown costumes myself, i find it hard not to bring them home when i find them. i am sure that must say something about me :)
Amy Beatty said…
ADIE was freaky!!! I love it all. You looked great as both. But think Frida suits you perfect. My friend had a photo of main-street and it was packed. I had never seen it that crowded before. I can remember trick or treating there as a kid. I loved it. We even got to take jar and bell there at least once before we moved. I have the best memories there.
Missa said…
Wow, three awesome costumes in one year, now that's impressive! You were the most ADORABLE clown and that is the best clown suit I've ever seen. I have a vintage gingham one just waiting for Clover grow into it. You were so lovely as Frida too, and you totally rocked the brow!

This post is just bursting with incredible costumes, how fun!!!
Teenysparkles said…
I visited Addies Halloween post, and have to agree that the oldies were scarier! I do have to wonder if it's to do partly with some of the haircuts (pudding bowl express haircut?), and I guess they had to be more clever with their materials - less plastic more fantastic! I love your Frida costume the most. Perfect.
Tina Dawn said…
I love your vintage clown costume. I am collecting pieces to be a clown when I facepaint. I have a great hat I bought in Bandon, Oregon, and a wildly colored blazer/jacket, but so far no suit. Now, seeing yours, I might make one of vintage fabric, great idea! What fun to pass out candy on Main Street. All your friends are so clever with their costumes. A good friend of ours used to have a skating Halloween party at the skating rink years ago, and it was hard to concentrate on skating and look at all the costumes at the same time. Wish I had taken pictures. Love T
Celia said…
What fantastic costumes! I just love your little group of friends! I wish I had one of my own....you guys always look like you have such a good time! I am so envious! I wish I could find a group of like minded people like you are so lucky to have! Happy Fall!!!
Forevermelody said…
Great costumes. I just found for blog through Lil Bits of Niknak! So excited to see more of you around the sac blogger world. Sorry you missed the meet-up.

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