november tea time, odds and ends

i've been a bad blogger....
and i'm sorry.
i really do have a hundred things i want to write about, interesting books and photos i want to show you, ideas for styling and outfit posts, happening, wonderings, thoughts.... i don't know why i'm in a blogging funk, there is no real reason for it. laziness? weird changes in weather? too much going on in "real life"? i have no answers...

but i will be back this week!
i am inspired after a conversation i had tonight at ashley and eric's housewarming party with lovely nikki who has an adorable blog called Little Bits of NikkNak. she has this fresh interactive approach to blogging, making crafts, finding rad vintage stuff, and inspiring friends to be creative that i found totally refreshing.
anyway for now here are a few random shots of some pretty vintage finds for my shop.
i absolutely adore this skirt with its rainbow garden of blossoms to cheer up gray winter days.

hope you enjoy an extra cozy hour of sleep and i will see you all on monday,
bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Bee said…
love that skirt.
Amy Beatty said…
Heather - that skirt is so cute and cozy looking. Matt and I finally hit DI up last night and I came home with two treasures! I'm thinking about wearing one to Jaroms baptism. I want to look my best on his very special day. And by the way I don't think I have told you the great news. He is being baptized in Camino on Nov. 29. We want all his family there if possible, for love and support on his big day xoxo So can't wait to see you and that may be the only time we see you since the 29 is the day we get back and then leave on the 30th. It is going to be crazy.
NikkNaks said…
Beautiful skirt! Thanks for the blog love :)
Hey ! Hi! I just joined into the following of your blog. So many reasons helped me with this decision.
One, I love your blog.(duh).Its great fun
Two, You live in my awesome hometown..
Three, I think we went to highschool together. If not, its Placerville and there is very small separation for anyone.
Four, You are adorable, and I love all your pics. I guess that could of been for #1.
Five, We share the same love for Californias best book store!

I look forward to all you wonderful posts!
Take care
Teenysparkles said…
Don't aplogise you crazee girl! But thanks for blogging anyway! You have some beautiful things in the shop right now too.
Heidi Ann said…
I love your Etsy shop, Heather!
And I only wish i had someone as beautiful as you and your friends to model my vintage clothing!
Everything would look SO much better than it does when I just post pictures.
Missa said…
Oh man, if you've been a bad blogger, then I've been a terrible blogger, not to mention a bad wife, I didn't even get a birthday post up for Lucas! I've been in a big blogging funk lately too. Hopefully I will snap out of it soon.

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