It's a Wrap!

...couldn't resist that cheesy title!
it's just that celia, one of the bookstore owners, gave me 4, that's right FOUR, 
four vintage indian wrap skirts to do with as i please.

thus it pleased me indeed to wear wrap skirts four days in a row!
i had grandiose plans to style them very differently and to write about the versatility and diversity of the wrap skirt.
but then it got hot (abruptly 85 degrees last week) and i got comfy instead.

so day one, styled with my fave vintage tee shirt, the baby blue rhodesian ridgeback shirt.

this particular skirt is the classic Indian print in dark burgundy and navy blue against a gauzy cream cotton background. i like to tie them high around my waist and wear things that show the waistline, otherwise i end up all hips.
i love, love, love skirts like these. my mom gave me one from her youth when i was in highschool. it is a maxi length one in which, over the years, i have gallivanted around the countryside in ultimate comfort and (i think) style. a love affair with the indian wrap skirt began.

here i am wearing my momma's old skirt, oregon country fair, 2001.

and back to the present...for some reason billy loved cuddling up next to this skirt.

the next day was darin's birthday. i saved his favorite one to wear on his birthday.
this one is quite unique, a gorgeous shade of summery blue with exotic birds on the fabric.

i had dreams of wearing it with a tucked-in victorian style white blouse and little knit vest with boots (an old-fashioned outfit darin would love). was super hot that day and i had to regress to summer clothes.
still it felt pretty good to frolic around in this flowy tank top i got from becky's clothing exchange,
with a strand of colorful beads i borrowed from my mom. (free outfits, yeah!)

i didn't take pictures the next day, which was the day i wore the one full-length maxi skirt of the group.
it looks very similar to the one from my mom, and i wore it a little tank top, no bra, bare feet, feeling very very hippyish indeed.

next day i had to work and guess what? it was down to about 50 degrees again and pouring rain!
my wrap skirts saw a wide range of climates (see, versatile?!)
so i wore this recently thrifted vintage argyle print mauve sweater and boots.
good bookstore outfit, no?

this skirt also has pretty little birds on it. sorry for my terrible lighting, but i do like how it brings out the warm earthy tones of the skirt's cotton fabric. one of the reasons i love these skirts is because they seem to be a good reflection of nature, with prints of birds, flowers, leaves, vines, and fabric that seems so, well...natural. all these skirts are soooo soft and worn perfectly, with nice wide straps and belt loops to tie them around you.

here ends my ode to the indian wrap skirt.

do you have one?
tell me how you wear yours!
and if not, i hope i have convinced you that they are an indispensable staple of the neo-flower-child's closet.


Andrea said…
oh my! the bird one is quite excellent :) i have to also say that I love all the cozy little corners of your home!
Amy Beatty said…
Those are the cutest skirts EVER. I feel bad I never said how much I loved the Blue bird one in the last post. But I was loving it and now to hear all about them is too cute and sweet. You work with some pretty rad people. Which is good. You are rad yourself and all too cute on your bed in that doggie t-shirt and skirt - can I borrow that outfit :)You know, just to the North Island. Love you and you do have the coziest home and BEST style. Can you also give me a makeover and tell me how to wear my clothes to be as cute as you? and while your at it make my house cozy rosy and bright?! You are the best. The kids are asking everyday - when are we going to CA NOW?
Nicky said…
Ooh, those are GREAT! I love the two bird printed ones! And your four legged model :)
I'm really glad you decided to come back and comment on the music. I love knowing what other people are listening to, because I'll usually get turned on to something new! Sharon Van Etten is amazing!!! Can't believe I've never heard of her (checked out all the music on itunes). Loved the turkey chase song from Pat Garrett (cause I'm a bluegrass nerd!) and Justin Townes Earle was also pretty rad! Thanks for the mentions :D
My parents are heading back up to Placerville (more work on their old car). I'll tell them to stop in at Mels and say Hi if you're there!
Tina Dawn said…
I love wrap skirts. Bless Celia, what a great gift! I wear mine high on the waist also, that is the way I believe they are meant to be worn. My favorite wrap skirt was ankle length and I wish I still had it. I think the pattern ran and I didn't like it then so threw it away. I wore it to the 1978 El Dorado County Fair with a bikini top that happened to match it (I still have that top) and that was back when I still was young with a figure so I looked pretty darn good. No pictures though, unfortunately, so you will have to take my word for it. Thanks for the memories. I am going to have to dig out all my old wrap skirts now. Maybe Penny needs to wear one. Love T
anne said…
yes i have one! and it's my favorite skirt. how lucky are you to recieve FOUR! they all are gorgeous. i especially love the birds, so cute!

so crazy about dave alvin! i haven't seen border radio yet but would love to. (i know that was forever ago that you commented on that...i haven't blogged much lately, need to get back at it. i think the baby is sucking all of my motivation out of me :O )
I am losing it right now ! I read your blog post so fast because I had to comment right away! I am wearing my favorite wrap skirt, RIGHT NOW! (with hunter red plaid socks thermal shirt and motorcycle mama jacket )That resembles alot like the one you have in the first post!! Also , the skirt with the birds! I think I just floated off of my computer chair!!! I seem to have one piece of 'nature' on me everyday. An animal necklace, a picture of plant on my ring, a little tail swaggering from my bag. Oh goodness, and your argyle sweater..I'm in looove!\
Great post! Now , I will be on the hunt another wrap skirt.
count me in on the cult of wrap skirt, too!
i love the argyle sweater-wrap skirt combo.
everyone should give the gift of wrap skirts :)
Cel said…
I have a few, but they were cheap and they're quite old now... They've seen years of wear and tear! I really like your bookstore outfit, it looks so comfy and warm :)
AdieSpringB said…
Honey you look so adorable in all of these.
I LOVE these wrap skirts! Especially the blue. But I love the outfit with the argyle sweater and bird skirt so much too. I wonder what other treasures Celia has up her bookshelves!
Missa said…
Wrap-o-Rama! What an awesome collection to have bestowed upon you! I used to have a couple that we my mom's. I wore them back in high school. It kills me that I somehow did not manage to hang on to them over the years.

I do have one that I found at a garage sale which I've posted, styled much like yours with the doggy tee. I always think of them as summery pieces but I like what you did with the sweater and boots, I'll have to try that.

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