she's so busy being free...

i am always in love with joni mitchell but this just takes the cake, be still my poor heart!
 her dress, her hair, her lyrics, her glowing skin, her sweet sweet voice.

she is one of many dreamy lady singers of my pitter pattering heart's quest for beauty.






oh emmylou


and please tell me you've heard this nina

and local ladies,
agent ribbons



and my own sis,

music making,
telling stories in new ways,
playing shows in mysterious places,
tambourines, lace, folktale dresses, tap dancing shoes, old guitars, owls, nightingales, crickets, jamborees, rusty barns, white sands, hootin, twirling, moonshine, weeping tales, ballads,  microphones, fringed jackets, letters, calico, dust storms, heartbeat, war. the way that the best songs make everything stand out, woken from somewhere gray into a new sunrise desert.
another dream for my pile of dreams!


Terrific post, love the pictures!
You've got my very favorite and most precious to my heart musicians up there. Plus some new stuff to check out! For my part I've been listening to Luisa Maita, a Brazilian who is doing her first tour of North America. I hope you like her :)

Your blog is really lovely.
Missa said…
I know, I just saw that Joni Mitchell clip for the first time not too long ago, everything about it is take your breath away beautiful and oh my, that dress!

Inspiration overload here, great post! Loved hearing Addie and Arts stuff too, they make some beautiful music together :)
Andrea said…
this is a great post & tribute (why have I never heard this song?) your sister's band is most excellent :)

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