from my family to yours...

instead of hanging around feeling sorry for myself because i am missing out on festivities due to being sick,
i decided to be thankful that the one day i actually felt better was thanksgiving day.

we spent the morning at my house having monkey bread and watching the parade while momma did baking:

then headed over to darin's mom's house for dinner #1.

had a cozy visit with his brother dave and his wife ashley, up from LA.

and then at sunset, headed up to my sister's fairytale house in the snow for dinner #2:

addie and art were busy preparing 3 tofurkeys, all kinds of roasted root veggies, brussel sprouts, garlicky mashed potatoes, and fresh homemade cranberries.

extra special treat this year: we had my mom's sweet boyfriend Jack and his two lovely daughters, Adrianne and Mariah, with us.

upstairs in the nintendo nook, the kids were having giggle fits. it was so cute how they all hung out together so naturally.

beautiful chef.

happy thanksgiving!

group shot number 1, the right half of the group realizes that a beer has tipped over and is spilling all over the place.

mikie goofing off while a very full joey melts into the chair.
it was so fun to have mikie up from his hollywood life, keeping everything super lively.

he makes another silly appearance here next to cute marmy.

and finally, the real group shot!

from my family to yours, i hope you are having a wondrous beginning to the holiday season.
what are you doing to celebrate so far?
if i had felt better we were going to go chop down our christmas tree with the kids today,
but alas, the best i could do was get dressed.
stay healthy and happy out there, friends!


It looks like you had a really lovely holiday- too bad you're sick now! Me and the kids are all exhausted and funned out, but it was wonderful to see all my family and friends. Nothing like living in a small town :)

Is that a picture of your sister cooking somewhere in the middle there? She's beautiful.
Cel said…
Your sister's house looks so lovely. I hope you get better soon!
Teenysparkles said…
Feel better soon. Looks like a fulfilling day was had by all. I wish I took more photos of my life. Looking at these i am sorry i don't. It is also super cool that you can manage to keep up regular blogging AND have a real, actively social life too! I'm impressed.
Anna said…
Looks like a lovely cozy day!!
Andrea said…
sorry to hear you are sick... but glad you did not let it ruin your most festive day :) your family is beautiful--seems like a great fun time was had by all!
Milla said…
Heather-love lots and lots of honey is what kept me going. And a nice garlic sandwich. I also wish I could send you some of the excellent dragon tonic my friend Talu's mom makes. It's just a miracle cure.

Your family is beautiful and marvelous, as always. Email us when you feel better ;)
Susan said…
Hey Darlin' it was a wonderful Thanksgiving, so cozy, warm and full of love. We are truly blessed to have each other in our lives. We all had a happy time and having the kids here was such a joy. What memories we have created. Thank you for preserving them for us. I am a lucky Marmy. Weren't Jack and the girls so cute!!! I loved how he just pitched in and cleaned up. What a great guy! Now on for Christmas joy....:)
Amy Beatty said…
The POST!!! My post. I love it. I just loved looking at it the whole flight home. I couldn't comment on it then, but can now :) That day looked so picture perfect. Everyone is glowing and happy. It looks so comfy and yummy. I love you all. I love that the kids got to be there surrounded with love and joy. They had the greatest time. Thank you xoxo

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