Peace in the Valley

we took a ramble today through the giant oaks of the valley by the river, on winding horsetrails that crisscross through watering springs and frog song, seed pods and pussywillow.

a mile out there are some abandoned buildings, an old west movie set years ago.
this crumbling little house has a shelf of books to trade (romance novels...) and tattered curtains in the windows.

a bench propped between two massive stumps.
a doorway facing the rising sun.
looks like a good hide out to me.

mice and squirrels nest here.

hang your hat and stay awhile...

the january sun has been palely loitering round these parts.

watch out for these pricklers when you lay down to read.

the days are short and sweet
pink plaid overshirt: darin's, thrifted
magenta plaid sundress: f21 clearance from this little excursion
shorts: cut offs i made from thrifted jeans
tights: from target years ago
boots: my best Ariat cowboy boots gifted from dad years ago (SO comfortable)
jewelry: all made by Em

and the owls are out  at night.
i am packing for utah;
addie and i are leaving at six in the morning. we go in search of snow.
and of course: family, love, sundance, thrift stores, babies, adventure...


Bee said…
mmmm, one of my favorite songs! i love when you do posts where i get to see the nature around there. i miss that sort of landscape, and those trees. where i grew up in the Bay was very similar to that. i spent all day thinking about how i NEED cowboy boots, and this just sealed the deal. lovely!
Amy Beatty said…
We sooooooooo can't wait for you guys to arrive. But the saddest thing has happened. The sun as come out this week and melted most of the snow. But even though the sun is out we are no where near dressing like you - you look like its summer there. It is still freezing here. All your photos are so breathtaking. An old movie set sounds so fun to explore. Do you know what movie it is from? The kids are asking like crazy when you are going to be here. We are sooo ready to party with you . Love you tons xoxo
P.S. don't forget your togs :) well, its up to you. I'm sure no one would mind.
Milla said…
Happy rambles, the whole scene looks so amazing and peaceful. You and Darin always do all these adorable things together, it's very sweet, very far removed from the rush and the push of everyday life, yet so ordinary. Seeing that really makes me happy. No showy romantic gestures, just two lovers being together. Those are moments to cherish.

Hopefully so are you and Addie's journeys to the snow. I wish you wonderful visits and cuddles and adventures and lots and lots of those cold, white raindrops turned fractals that make the night light.
Claire said…
I made it to the post office! Your little box of love it coming! You totally deserve it, you sweet thing you. It's great to see you hanging out in the sunshine...I kinda forget about the sun sometimes. It's nice, right?
Nicky said…
What a fantastic ramble- I love the hat up in the tree and you relaxing in the soft grass :D Have a fantastic trip with Addie... sounds like a fabulous time! Can't wait to hear about what kind of trouble... uh... fun you two get into! hehe
Missa said…
Oh how I love the giant oaks! What a pretty spot this is and what a cute country rambler you are! I just thrifted a vintage 70's men's plaid flannel that I'm kind of addicted to right now.

Here's to a wonderful trip with your sis! How fun that you two are on the road again together after that beautiful post she wrote :D
it looks amazing there. :) enjoy your travels.
peace & love!
anne said…
such pretty pictures! what a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. i just love that last picture!

i have stepped on one of those prickly! it hurt SO MUCH!

hope you have a glorious trip! can't wait to hear about it :D
Violet Folklore said…
Sweet lady! I think Placerville needs to hire you as it's tourist promotion specialist! What a fun adventure. You have fully inspired me to get the hell off the computer and go outside, this minute!

And you look incredibly sweet and lovely, as always.
Anonymous said…
what a great place, to wander and to photograph.

FAB boots and shirt.
AdieSpringB said…
Sun-loitering all right. It's as warm as June was last year around these parts.

Adorable as uzsh. ;)

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