Vintage Aprons and Birthday Cake

Hello all! I have so much news but this terrible nasty cold had the audacity to try and tackle me so I've been sort of under the weather. But I'm back! Incidentally, now that my nose is suddenly and resolutely clear I can smell things so well it stings.

Meanwhile two exciting things happened:

1. We met our goal and Darin's film project, Epic Dust, is officially kickstarted!
2. I made my 100th sale in my Etsy shop!

Okay three really, because also my mama had a birthday.

To celebrate, and I don't really know why this counts as a celebration but it just sounded fun to me, I decided to show you my vintage apron collection.

 But first I have to show you this pretty ruffled concoction that I wore to bake my mom a very special birthday cake that she requested. This apron is thrifted but not vintage. It brings out the girliest of my girliness, and I love it. Layers upon layers of frilly pink patterned floral ruffles!

 And here is the cake that I worked on for hours. I give you....

 I have never cooked with Scotch before. Maybe soaking raisins for four hours in scotch whiskey and then smelling them may have helped clear my nasal passages. WOOOO!

And now, some of my vintage aprons. It is appropriate that I would post these along with my mama's birthday, because she definitely instilled in me a love of aprons.

I will point out that none of these are just for collecting's sake. I actually wear them, all the time, and sometimes out in public for a quick jaunt to the store or whatever. I think most outfits look cuter with an apron.  But anyway, you'll probably notice the stains...some are mine, some are much older. I think they add character and show love.

This one is made in Austria. The little folk people on it are just adorable, and I like the nice sturdy linen fabric and the fact that the entire bottom is a pocket.

I love the bright orange retro print and diagonal pockets on this one.

Calico fabric like this looks so classic and heartfelt. I wear this one A LOT.

This one hung in our van on all of our long road trips, as a little decoration over the front of the fridge door.
I love the tree-animal scene, plus it's terry cloth so it works like a towel.

I am completely head over heels for patchwork. I even like the faux patchwork fabric from the 70s, but mostly I love real beautiful careful lovingly rendered patchwork of true vintage quality and fabric.
 Here is a close up of my two favorite patches.
Chipper lil dudes...
see what i mean. this was my dream as a kid, to run away with a sack on a pole.
 here is a lovely turquoise one with beautiful trim.
 And of course, the classic pink gingham with sweet cross-stitch embroidery detail.
 Here's a new one, probably from the 80s, that Emily gifted me. I practically want to wear this one as a skirt. It oozes love.
 This next one is such a unique and striking fabric and also, I'm a sucker for rickrack.
This pretty sheer lavender one was a gift from my grandma Cherie.
Check out the cute details on this red one's pocket. Perfect for harvest time!

 And last but not least, another cutie that Emily gifted me, this one covered in sweet 1970's strawberries.

Thanks for looking! And happy Monday.


Amy Beatty said…
HEATHER!! I can't believe that you have already sold 100 things. That is so cool! That cake looked pretty dang tasty. I LOVE all of your bright aprons - they all scream YOU. Aprons are totally the best accessory!! I love it when somebody stops by unannounced and I have got one on or I'm totally running late to pick up the kids and I leave it on, it speaks volumes for me. In an awesome way. Right now it means I'm making zucchini bread. So be prepared for our trip, I'm bring a lot with me. Love you xo
boots said…
thats great news! congrats for the movie kick off and especially for having your 100th sale! thats amazing! i too have a love for aprons, so much that i make them too, but my mom made a wonderful collection that i am lucky enough to have now. happy birthday to your ma and happy monday to you too!
bellisimama said…
i loooooooooove aprons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cel said…
I actually think of you every time I see aprons now, believe it or not, haha...

It was my mam's birthday on Friday too actually, and I also baked her a cake. Yours seems so much more impressive than mine though! And tasty!

I was so glad when I saw that you guys had reached your goal for the Kickstart :D I wish your whole gang lots of luck and success!
Heidi Ann said…
Love your aprons!
We hoped to meet you at The Bookery last Friday, but we didn't catch you on a work day, darn it!
Milla said…
Awwwmygod! Your aprons, you should come work where I work. You'd be the star of the kitchen.
Milla said…
Oh and congrats to Darin!
Teenysparkles said…
i completely agree, they are so sweet! You must feel like you're getting dressed up every time you choose one to wear.
JMay said…
These are so cute! I think I need to buy one :-)

All so creative & unique! GREAT JOB LADY!

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