pretty lovelies...

we have a new thrift store in town, as i have mentioned, and it is a giant warehouse full of stuff: lots of junk, some true treasures. like a turquoise wedgewood stove but that is way out of my price range.

here are some pretty things i have recently picked up.
a 1960s lavendar lace dress:
rainbow colored stamp pads:
vintage fabric:
this vintage rose-strewn nightie:
old-fashioned mirror (prop for the episode of Epic Dust that I am going to write/direct):
and some chili pepper lights to string in Isis for our southwest trip:

Needless to say, there's a whole lot more where these came from...
But right now I have to get ready for a mini road trip ramble through the Eastern Sierras to Mammoth and Big Pine with Darin and Addie and I must be off! Wish us luck, it is supposed to snow up there tomorrow night but we're hoping to come through to the desert side and enjoy a little climate diversity!

Hope you are all having a glorious September thus far.


Kaylie said…
Lavendar and violet lace are my favorite. I may or may not have three purple lace dresses... They are my weakness!
Heidi Ann said…
I always enjoy seeing what you've found.
And I DO wish you luck with the weather, and I hope you'll be careful, and have fun!
Celeste said…
I am IN LOVE with your new dress- it's so gorgeous. Lavender + lace = my favorite.
amazing! i love those stamp pads and the vintage fabric.
peace & love.
Missa said…
That lavender lace dress is to-die-for, oh my. Hope all is going well with the trip, I'm sure you are having a total blast, as per usual!

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