Spontaneous Campout and Two Foresty Dresses

the other evening, a few of us headed up to the lake for an impromptu overnighter campout.

before the sun went down emily did a little modeling for me, two of my FAVORITE dresses; watch for them to be added to my shop today!
we had to take advantage of this beautiful background...

i mean, the water...that COLOR! i want to eat it, wear it, wrap myself in it forever....
and i also do especially adore this Young Edwardian dress that was perfect for summer frolicking.

back to our little campsite.

while joey and emily made a fire,

i took a little walk to check out the sunset and moonrise of this tiny slip of a waxing crescent moon, can you see it? the water was rippling by in perfect skylit sparkles.

when i got back our friends stan and phil had joined us!
with their friend (not mine!) old grandad.
these boys have been friends since the dawn of time.

it was quite a night. later we went nightswimming under a million glimmery stars and laughed entirely too loudly late into the night. now if only darin could have been there, it would have been the perfect summer night (he had to work graveyard at the youth shelter).

these are the kinds of summer memories that keep my heart on fire all year long.


Amy Beatty said…
love love love this. night swimming sounds all to magical and summery. Those dresses are so cute. Glad you got such a great shot of the boys. I love them all. this makes me want to go camping again and there- dang. did adie come?
Nicky said…
LOVE that Edwardian dress!!! Looks like a fun time :)
Missa said…
Ok Heather, you officially have the funnest life ever. seriously, ever.

How are you not keeping that Young Edwardian dress?! It's amazing, and I can't get over how perfectly it matches the color of the lake water, those photos are gorgeous by the way :)
um................i'm sold. i pretty much need to buy that edwardian dress...NOW. truly this is love at first sight.
Violet Folklore said…
Oh the Young Edwardian dress is so lovely!

Girl, your words effervesce with joy and life and love and reading them always makes me smile reeeeal big. Thank you!
yep. that dress is a keeper. did you sell it?

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