Triumphant Show

Saturday night brought another fine show of musical acts.
First up, my dear friend Doniella who writes the most quirky lovely folk songs about loneliness, San Francisco, mermaids, the Grapes of Wrath, and home.
A poet soul, this one.
She sang her Steinbeck song straight to me, from one lit lover to another.
I'm so jealous she actually has a teaching job and thus a forum to share this love!

Here she is in this shawl her sister just brought her from Spain (I fell in love with it) and with Nihar, in their handsome matching glasses.

More couples in cute matching glasses: Joey and Em.

And then Darin played!
This time their band was in another incarnation known as Loomfixer in which they play Darin's songs rather than my brother Joey's.
Both are incredibly rad.
This show sort of blew me away.

I mean I knew my hub is magical and all, but the strange and mystical lyrics to his songs transported me.
You should hear him triumphantly sing this one:

this body is dying but my banner is yet flying
the trumpets are sounding and the drums of war are pounding
for aeons i played the fool
but at the turn of the wheel i found you
you, light of the moon,
the invisible is also true
with the lunatics and the lesbians
to this dark earth shall i return
in a ship of fools upon an ocean of blood
the queen's wise blood
shall bring forth a son

This song might sound esoteric but Darin is well-versed in mythological lore and antiquity. He's referring to a Roman procession called The Triumph but with a little bit of a magical spin on it. It's pretty interesting, the Triumphator wore vermilion face paint and a laurel crown and followed a precise parade route through Rome with a slave chanting the words "memento homo" or "remember you are mortal."

I love having a husband full of interesting knowledge.
With the slumber party and then this show, what a great weekend!

What did you do?


darin said…
Gee, thanks Honey.
Amy Beatty said…
I wish I could have been there(I'm really getting tired of writing that over and over again)!! Darin song sounds amazing. But I think my favorite thing about this blog has got to be Darins comment. It has made my day. What can I say- simple things make me happy!
Kaylie said…
Sounds like a great weekend!

I had seen him on Tim and Eric's, but not as the acting coach! Thanks for the head's up! Awesome.
mooncowboy said…
ha! amy i so agree. and that poem/those lyrics + its mythology are very intriguing and quite amazing.

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