I'm on my way...

Happy to report that I've already finished reading two books in the new year, both of which I borrowed from my beautiful friend Ryann after she listened to my concerns about not being able to get into reading lately (WHATTT???) and both of which I LOVED.  Seriously, I've seen Eat Pray Love about a hundred thousand times and had my doubts, probably just because it was so popular and I thought whatever the masses like, I wouldn't. Could I be any more stuck up about reading? Ugh, somebody shut me up....I was SO DEAD WRONG. This book was wonderfully written and incredibly moving. It couldn't have come into my life with any more felicitous timing and has inspired me beyond belief. If you haven't read it yet, START IT TODAY.

As for the stories in Listening is an Act of Love, they range from tiny and personal to large and historical, and every single one is gripping, and every single one is about an ordinary "real" person like your own grandma or neighbor or teacher or friend. They made me cry for mamas, farmers, 9/11 security guards, lovers, cancer patients, every single beautiful human being in our great interconnected web. And yes, now I want to interview everyone I know, and I thank StoryCorps for having that grand insight and intuition and knowing what an important project this is.

So now maybe I'm ready to tackle something more challenging? Or...we'll see. I'm just glad I'm on a reading roll again!

What about you - has anyone read anything particularly great lately?


mooncowboy said…
looks like you DID tackle some more challenging! yikes. i want to read eat pray love too, and i'm glad you gave it this scorching review. do you use goodreads?
matt, i do use goodreads although i did not post a review there. however, i did see all the terrible reviews this book got (i know who the culprits are...staunch conservatives who don't like her somewhat rebellious and untraditional ways...) and i could easily debate each and every claim they make. some of the critiques of course, are a matter of personal opinion. i, for one, do not care if she is upper middle class liberal from a comfortable new england background, supposedly "spoiled" and choosing not to have babies. doesn't bother me a bit. she's a great writer, a thinker, and a challenger of ideas. i liked the book a lot.

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