Chasing Away the Winter Blues

I was thinking about what Naomi over at Rockstar Diaries said about January being a gloomy month and it made me realize that there are all sorts of little things I've been doing to keep the cheer level up in my home post-holidays.

True, all the family has gone home but we can still have fresh California grown flowers on our table, and a bright new tropical colored tablecloth.

I even got new super soft white rugs and towels for our bathroom to keep things airy and light. I have never been one to have a lot of white in my home but it just felt like the right kind of fresh start!

Also, listening to lots of good new music, at least new to me, is invigorating. for example:

taken by trees

grizzly bear


laura veirs

 And especially, it helps to go to rad music shows that are warm and cozy and full of excited people dancing and loving the music:
(especially if it is your own husband and brother's amazing band Dark River!
complete with clap-along, stomp-along!)

It was a little bit nostalgic to put away all my christmas stuff yesterday, but it also felt good. Now the house feels clean and open and all the hoopla is lovingly packed away to await next year's festivities safely in my attic. I don't know, that just gives me a sort of everything changes and moves and revitalizes but year after year we have traditions that carry over into our love for the world and each other. I like that.

Meanwhile, resolutions are going well! Almost done with book number 1 of the year, and this afternoon we're going on a run and having one guitar lesson. Keeping up with my own goals will surely keep the winter blues away!

How about you lovely folk? How is January treating you?


Amy Beatty said…
I'm feeling the same way!! On leaving Placerville I started to get a little blue about leaving family and going into the cold alone with my little family. But I started cleaning my Christmas stuff up yesterday and was packing up the Christmas music and thinking about how I love it so much that I blasted it everyday this month but still feel as though I didn't get my fill. But my mood changed ever so quickly when I put in a long forgotten loved cd (anything box) and I couldn't of had any more fun cleaning, unpacking and saying bye to Christmas. It's exactly like you said. Life is just one beautiful big fun loving circle, and we hopefully get better every year. January is forever cold here but since I'm stuck in a cold place I must really make the most of it- cozy reading, never ending hot chocolate and tea and let the sledding begin!
ANYTHING BOX!!! i saw them play live at the RAGE about twelve years ago or more! love them, perfect January beginnings music!
Kaylie said…
What an awesome tablecloth! All the bright colors make my eyes happy.

Also, your resolutions are really thoughtful and inspiring. The last one especially!
Kelsie Lynn said…
Im totally getting into taken by trees right!

i dont know laura veirs but ima look her up now.

good choices. grizzly bear=luv
Violet Folklore said…
Fun! White has been a theme for me too. Anew. Afresh.
mooncowboy said…
good music makes life SO great. heather i didn't know you liked grizzly bear! a pretty great cd eh?

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