Blossom and Floral and the Lure of the 90s

My friend Stan walked in today, took one look at me and said, "What - are you Blossom?" or something along those lines. And I got very excited to suddenly remember the show Blossom, although I was not intending to channel her style and I always identified more with her friend Six anyway:

see what I mean, I would totally wear Six's outfit but Blossom's could unfortunately never be me:

Which got me thinking about the 1990s and styles that are back in as if they ever really went out, a topic that Milla from The Girl Who Married a Bear has posted eloquently about here and here. It's hard to take current 90s-ish trends very seriously if you lived through it and never really left...and by the by, can it really be considered "vintage" if it was one decade ago?

Incidentally, isn't Darin sort of a Joey Lawrence?

Oh, one more thing about Blossom - I once dreamed that my brother Matt and his wife Amy had a baby girl they named "Blossom." But I digress.

Anyway, at first I was thinking, well I never really got into the outrageous hats thing did I? but then I thought again.
Here I am in 1993:

Lo and behold, my hats even pre-dated the 90s, springing from my Anne of Green Gables obsession:

Oh I also tried to momentarily convince myself I wasn't into the whole tacky sunflowers thing until I remembered that I wore this dress for my high school graduation:

It was navy blue with tiny sunflowers on it, in case you can't tell. Addie's outfit on the left was one we shared and cherished, the A-line floral skirt and tie-front white blouse. Contempo Casuals, anyone?

I can feel Cher's influence:

oh and Brittany Murphy, I will always remember (and love) you like this.

So - my choice trend of the 90s for the night is the ubiquitous floral babydoll dresses, a personal favorite of mine and one I will never forsake.

frame of reference

and ME, circa '92:
(this one's actually an oh-so-handy skort)


and '96, still hanging on and with purple scrunchy too!

okay, this is getting ridiculous but my true love and inspiration of the 90s of course was:

tori amos. was, is, and forever will be.

also, without any further ado here are my own personal top five 1990s movies:
(off the top of my head, I know there are so many more greats)

#5 What's Eating Gilbert Grape
1993 Lasse Hallstrom

#4 Arizona Dream
1993 Emir Kusturica

#3 My Own Private Idaho
1991 Gus Van Sant

#2 Box of Moonlight
1996 Tom DiCillo

#1 Bottle Rocket
1996, Wes Anderson

Any loyal 90ists out there?


boots said…
yes yes lady right on, the 90s were where its at. i can't believe you found so many reference pictures of yourself, you had a rockin 90's style. i was more of a stretch pants and baggy Disney sweater kinda 90's girl. LOL
Amy Beatty said…
Heather!! What have you done?!This blog is so incredible. Everything you say is so true. I still love some of those dorky hats, do you need to look at our picture as we start to hike the grand canyon. my family makes fun of me but its me. Any ways I love your Anne of Green Gable pic the best. It's the sweetest thing EVER! And so is your high school picture. I love that you and Adie shared that out-fit. Thats all Glory and I did. So classic. I need a sister to live with me so we can share wardrobes. And your #5 movie would be my #1. My mom also loves this movie. I think it warms are heart in a weird way because of Alex. Match in the gas tank!
Kelsie Lynn said…
yes yes and yes.
tori amos is still rockin big time.

I thank my mum for watching trashy tv of the 90s like 90210. how else would i know how complicated relationships can be?
oh right, the bold and the beautiful.
Kelsie Lynn said…
oh yeah and i love your teenage 90s years. that is raaaad.

all i got to prove in the way of 90s photos is flowery leggings and a bad haircut.
Milla said…
Oh my god I love this post! You have no idea how often my stoopid husband makes Blossom jokes about my outfits. Golly! I'm so happy I'm not alone in the world.
mooncowboy said…
was anything remotely better than the 90s?
OH such a funny post, I was surprised to see my silly self there in that lovely little floral skort outfit which I thought was just the best!
Ashley said…
My love for Blossom and Clueless is undying all these years later! xx

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