you know those little word verification thingies that pop up when you leave comments? i think sometimes they're sorta neat. like the title of this post: vitivery. i like it. i like to pronounce it with the short i, emphasis on the second i. that really should be a word circulated in the common vernacular, and many of the other ones are cool too like "shumite," "warlit," and "pregicit." so i'm gonna randomly and variously use them once in a while. anyway.

it's a rainy day. again.

therefore, i:

 cut bangs. totally stole the idea from my oh-so-inspirational sis-in-law amy.

went thrifting where i got my sickly hubby this poncho which he immediately snuggled into:

 and also got this album that my goth friends used to love and proceeded to listen to it all day:

and snugged my shyest little sweetie cat daphne (aka beanie):

and wore my ultra soft, thick, cozy bamboo tights:

i also strewed my crafty stuff all across my room to work on a special project for our upcoming special girls' night...i'll keep you posted on those weirdly wondrous festivities!

then made steamed beets, beet greens, brussel sprouts and creamy risotto for dinner and now we're gonna cozy up with two movies.

so all in all, another nice rainy day.
 but oh lordy how i'd love some sunshine.


boots said…
sounds like your day was totally kick ass, and i want to come over for dinner! love ya!xoxo katie
oh and my word verification word is gamshiro- perty awesome.
Amy Beatty said…
I love this blog. Everything looks and sounds perfect. You and your cuteness. you are rocking the bangs sister. You found the perfect poncho for Darin. So glad you posted pictures of the sweetest little cat, since I never get to see her whether I'm in town or not. Her fur looks too soft and perfect, wish she loved me. Movies, music and craft- oh my. Maybe I'll turn my snow day into your rainy day. First things first- I'll go look for some cozy tights to lounge in. I like how yours looked quilted.Love you xo
Andrea said…
So funny, because sometimes thos verification words are spot on! sounds like a perfect day, i too have discovered the wonders of cutting your own bangs :) Revolutionary, really!

my verification word: outiou
the bangs look great and i know what you mean about those letters stringing into neat sounding little words...
(the one below is siverie) :)

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