Welcome 2010!

This is how much fun I had:

We danced in the new year. We danced for hours upon hours and kissed and sang and screamed and popped and trumpeted and leapt and twirled and walked home in the ice cold under a blue moon.
Pure rampant joy.

I think it might have been the best New Year's celebration ever, and guess what that means?

2010 looks like it will be the best year yet!

How did you celebrate?


Kelsie Lynn said…
I was at a partaaay of many strangers and sat on a couch waving little 2010 numbers on sticks and smiling to myself haha

pierrot le fou was quite pretty! (aesthetically) that main girl is one pretty lady. I just watched another one with her in it. I thought it was a bit slow, but im glad i saw it!
Kaylie said…
I spent it with a few close friends, playing pool (terribly) and eating chocolate fondue!
boots said…
you blessed blessed woman! i am so glad you had a blast, next year i am hanging with you, mine was so so, but i am confident that this coming year will be tops,
hugs and kisses to you my favorite lady! happy new year, may we both have an awesome year and take it over!
i love your picture! sounds fun and free :)

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