just another diamond day

blustery rainy stormy windy; still asleep when the power went out. therefore naturally today i am renamored with the blustery foresty windswept melodies of ms.Vashti Bunyan. and dreaming of her 1968-69 horse-drawn-cart trip north out of London to the island countryside of the Outer Hebrides in search of Donovan's elusive commune Skype. (oh it was so much more romantic a term then!) she and her lover never found it; alas the artists and hippies had packed up by then, but she had two years of dirt roads, woodsy paths, lovemaking, summers and winters, folk song lullabies, crumbling cottages, stories and birds and life on the road in a carriage drawn by horses. not to over-glorify, but sounds like heaven to me.
 today is a daydreaming sort of rainy day.

has anyone had the luck to see Vashti Bunyan: From Here to Before, the documentary about her aforementioned travels? i can't seem to get it from netflix yet and i'm keening.

here's darin, cozy in bed after a graveyard shift.

i, on the other hand, had fudge and pumpkin pie for breakfast. it's raining torrentially, that's as good an excuse as any.


redneckzilla said…
A. Love to the previous 90's post. but you missed putting Empire Records on there, which was and ALWAYS WILL BE the quintessential 90's movie.

B. Vashti Bunyan has a doc out? Need need need.

C. Diet Coke is the manliest thing that's ever existed.
I KNOW!!! i thought of it later! so mad at myself for forgetting that gem...especially as far as styles go, empire records could not be beat...and i keep thinking of others too, like Edward Scissorhands and Niagara,Niagara and Career Opportunities.

now your diet coke claim mister. sorry but you are so dead wrong. it's pure girly fun, i've known that since i was fifteen!
Kelsie Lynn said…
I remember listening to vashti when i first listened to judee sill.

this makes me sooooo happy. im going to intensely revisit them now. thanks!
boots said…
he looks so cute when he yawns, dont you just love our boys when theyre sleepy?
Andrea said…
I also truly enjoyed your 90s post! What's Eating Gilbert Grape has to be the best hidden gem of 90s cinema :) I loved that movie!

And, I'm very very jealous you get to eat pie & fudge for breakfast!!!!

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